Released September 25, 2015. Model A1687/A1634. Repair of this device is similar to previous generations, requiring screwdrivers and prying tools. Available as GSM or CDMA / 16, 64, or 128 GB / Silver, Gold, Space Gray, or Rose Gold options.

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Phone will not go to LTE and is stuck in 3G

My wife and daughter took their iPhone 6S Plus over to Japan for vacation and purchased a Japanese SIM card. When they returned home, their phones were stuck in 3G. I have done a complete factory reset 3 times as per the Verizon rep which did not make a difference. Apple was brought into the trouble shooting and was on a 3 way call with Verizon. Apple ran several tests which proved the phone to be working and that it was a carrier issue. Verizon has passed me along to all their tier support levels and I am not waiting for an Engineer to call me and work this out. I have been waiting nearly 5 days. Has anyone ever experienced this? I have located several things on the web but it's all the things I have already tried and nothing works. Verizon even sent me 2 new SIM cards to try and that did not work either.

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I went to turkey and did not get an international plan or anything. I took the phone for its camera and long battery use, I had a work provided international phone.

So I had the phone for a few months before the trip, I delivered(for work) up to 50 miles away and only rarely did I have 3g coverage(all 4g), good area of coverage.

So, I got back from Turkey, which went through a German Airport and one in New York, (27 hrs flight time....) well now and ever since, I have had nothing but 3g and only see 4g when restarting but only for a few minutes. I had been searching for a solution for months and ended up just dealing...

I'd like to know why I pay for 4g and don't recieve it? Also, if by some miracle anyone else has had this happen and solved the issue?

I'm going on about a year later now, and nothing. I paid cash, $570 in full and the 4 years of total straight Talk only customer! I want what I've been paying for, and I want an update! I'm 2 full Android updates behind, security protocols incl., yet others with same device are getting updates with other carriers. Why would they update a byop phone(same phone, diff orig carrier) and not provide an update for the phone I bought directly from them, for them for almost 600 cash? I believe it's locked to ST as well....

I will not buy the next model just for an updated look and nominal enhancing, Nor will I be continuing my use of tracfone in any degree if you can't take the free update alter it for ST use, and let us be happy!

Do they really believe they'll make more sales if they limit what a very costly phone is capable of? Just to change the looks of digital pixels, no physical anything, not even much effort could make alot of money potentially coming into your stream. Apparently there account has a maximum..... Bad business.

Samsung s5 CDMA, thanks you all for any help. ST like to give the runaround until you give up.... Also bad business.


Hi cyberlanboy09, have you tried to get a new Straight Talk SIM card? I believe mine was caused by faulty SIM. However, ST SIM is not available in local Walmart, and I don't want to wait 2 weeks for them to ship it. So, I solved my problem by switching to Net10. They are sister company.

Btw, the Net10 rep told me I can use ST SIM to have Net10 service, not sure about the other way around. If it works the other way around, perhaps, you can get Net10 SIM locally and have your ST service on it. Check with them.

Also, I think you can unlock ST phone after 3 months or so. I asked them one time but I forgot the exact duration. Check with them.


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I have known in some instances of once a SIM card is inserted into a phone, it literally locks that phone to that service. Have you contacted that sim carrier by chance and see if they have a 3g lock on the phone now?

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It is fixed. So here is what happened. My wife and kids traveled international for the summer. They purchased 2 SIM cards so they could use their phones overseas. When they returned, they reinstalled their US SIM cards but the phone was stuck in 3G. After 1 week on the phone with Apple and Verizon, we/I solved the issue about 5 minutes ago. It appears the iPhones we still seeing the Japanese cellular service (it also appears they installed software). I went into General and towards the bottom where you see iTunes Wi-Fi Sync and VPN...they had another title in there which was the Japanese cellular service. I clicked it and then clicked remove profile. Within 5 minutes...LTE reappeared at the top of the phone. Both phones are now working properly.


That is great!


my model no. a1687 mfd 2015 whether this support 4g sim or not bcz my mobile shows no service


Great! I exactly had a same problem. It's now resolved because your directions. Thnak you!


Thank you for your directions after more than a month working with my provider and apple care I got it resolved following directions in your post


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