Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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Gtools and icorner etc..

Hi there... long term iPhone 6 problems. I am wondering i have what look like perfect new frames from ebay. But on a flat surface in seeing a slight bend. I've tried correcting it with quick release clamps and rubber guards etc. But i am still getting slight pressure marks from the lcd squashing.

So I'm thinking you need a really exact fit? Is this what the icorner tools do? I've seen them reshape corners and sides but does it flatten the back too? I've got not corner bends as such just a little warping and twisting almost impossible to see without really checking closely.

Block Image

there is the rainbow lcd squashing... got it near buttons and bottom right and bottom middle... tnx

Oh and i see the cheaper icorners and the gtools ... the cheap ok?

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The gTool iCorner does not straighten a warped housing. It is for the sidewall only (straight and corner depending on the accessory).

Personally, I can't say I am very impressed with my gTool (I have the edgePress Pro); certainly not worth what I paid for it. Most of the time I use a hammer and metal spudger...

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So how do you fix warps and twists. I've found it hard to know what surface is the flattest. I've seen those ultra flat machinist plates for loads of money but that feels over the top. And anyway clamping to a flat surface doesn't seem to work as you need to over bend it (but i guess for flatness checking you need something) I'm going to try heat with bending next i guess. It's amazing how small the bends are to cause these problems. Had me thinking it must be something else but tested almost everything inside and not spotted anything.


In your case, you just have a poor quality or previously damaged replacement housing. You can always buy the gTool ( but this too is probably overpriced.

A flat work bench or piece of thick plywood should do the trick...


So I'm wondering how people fix the warped or twisted cases? Trial and error? I see the press clamps but they do not look like they perfectly straighten anything but a bend that had no twist in it maybe or not? I think ill order a cheap Chinese corner set for now :) . Possibly one of those presses. Tnx


I use a block of really hard wood, mahogany, ebony or teak and a small hammer (I use a jewelers hammer).


:) not sure how that would work. Sounds like you would get tons of dents.


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