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Early 2011 model, A1278 / 2.3 GHz i5 or 2.7 GHz i7 processor.

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What is the Problem: Battery, MagSafe or Mainboard?

Yesterday I want wo watch a Film and connected my MacBook to the TV with an HDMI-Cable.

Instantly when the Contact from the HDMI-Cable (which was connedted to the TV) had contact with the HDMI-Adapter (which was connected the MacBook), the Electricity in the whole House was gone.

I saw a little Lightningbolt between the Contacts bevore everthing went dark.

Now the MBP doesnt boot anymore, the green LED at the Side of the Body beside the USB-Ports is blinking like the Battery is totally low.

The used PowerSupply doenst work on any other MacBook.

PowerSupplys which works on other MacBooks doesnt work on the broken MacBook.

The HDMI-Cable with Adapter works good on other MacBooks.

What is the Problem?

New Battery?

New MagSafe-Port?

New Logicboard?

How can I check which one is the bad Part?

Am I able to replace the Battery from a MacBook which is good? Or can I damage the good Battery by building her into the broken MacBook?

thanks for your time

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Oh Boy! You got a mess here ;-{ Sadly such a surge through your MacBook Pro likely killed the logic board and a few other parts

Most likely you were using a counterfeit MagSafe charger. What happened is the ground side of the charger was hot so when you plugged in the HDMI cable you shorted your Mac to ground via the TV's ground connection.

If you look at the plug of the charger you'll see its not polarized so you can plug it into the wall either direction. In the Apple designed MagSafe there is a one to one transformer to isolate the AC so neither direction you plug in the outlet will cause the the DC side to be a hot AC connection. Looking at your TV's plug you'll likely see its polarized one of the blades is wider or you have a three pronged plug.

Here's what likely happened: Lacking safety features, cheap MacBook chargers create big sparks and here is a bit more on why it's so dangerous to use these fake chargers as you put your self at risk. Counterfeit Macbook charger teardown: convincing outside but dangerous inside

If you can prove the MagSafe was counterfeit you could try to sue the store you bought it. Sadly you may end up costing you more than buying a new MacBook Pro. At least notify your local consumer protection agency to see if they can confiscate the other chargers this store is selling so others don't damage their system or worse hurt someone or cause a fire.

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By the way this week we have now had three cases of counterfeit chargers damage MacBook Pro's here on IFIXIT! It looks like someone is selling them again. If you can please tell us where you bought it and when. I would like to notify Apple they have a problem again. It was so bad a few years ago Apple even took them back and offered a free unit to get as many as they could off the market.


it is about 5 Years old and was about 79€ in Europa from some Shop in the City which is a very big Shop for all Kinds of Electronic Stuff like Wasching machines, TV, Computer, CoffeeMachines and Stuff.

So I dont think that it was a false Supply.

anyway - thanks for your comment.


@baumgardt1 - You still clearly got a counterfeit MagSafe adapter as a real Apple unit wouldn't have done this. Again, it has a fully isolated transformer so AC voltage wouldn't have found a pathway through it unlike the counterfeit units. Even the big box stores can get scammed into selling bogus units. Was it an authorized Apple dealer? If it was you could go back and show them the damage and they should fix your system for free.


What I forgot - i was able to boot the MacBook once again 4minutes directly after this mess happened.

there was the battery about 67% and i was able to check mails and everything was okay.

Then I shut down the MacBook manually to make a Backup the next day.

but today i am not able to boot it again and i am not able to charge the macbook with an Charger which works perfekt with another Early 2011.

thats why I asked if it is possible to replace just the Battery and have a look if i can boot with an 100% charged Battery or if i'm running into kill the good Battery because the bad MagSafe-Onboard or the bad Logicboard can damage the new Battery.

about the Charger - i had a look at the Thread you posted the link above.

i just opened the crashed charger and it looks inside Like the original charger should like.

so i think it is not a a counterfait


What does the battery tester say? On the left side near the front is the battery tester press the button to see how many LED's light up. If you get two ro more then your battery still has enough charge to run your system so its not the battery. If your MageSafe charger does not light up at all then the DC In-board is damaged. Sadly I suspect the charging logic on the main board is fried given what happened. That would require a new logic board.

You still have a power problem! Your TV may have a bad power supply as somehow you had AC power go though the grounds! You should get an electrician in to check your house wiring and the buildings ground.


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