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MacBook Pro models with 13" displays

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MacBook Pro Won't Use Power Adapter. Bad MagSafe Board?

Howdy everyone! I bought my 13-inch MacBook Pro on eBay for parts, and it included a MacBook Unibody display that was attached to it. Naturally, the MacBook one didn't work well, and I wanted to change it to the correct MacBook Pro screen. However, when it had the MacBook display on it, it would not power without the power adapter plugged in, and it would not power with only the battery even though it would charge when it was plugged in. I removed the battery to see if it would power with only the MagSafe in, and it wouldn't. So, it needed both things attached to power the computer.

Now, however, for some reason, after I bought the new display and attached it, the MacBook Pro won't use the power adapter! It will now power with the battery, though! The MagSafe LED doesn't even come on. So, my problem has sort of reversed. Now, the battery won't charge and I don't know what to do! I'm assuming that the MagSafe board has suddenly gone bad for some reason. I tried removing the battery to see how it would behave, and when I do that, the MagSafe LED blinks! It will not power the computer though.

If it's any help, my MacBook Pro had had its display torn off, and the original owner had replaced it with a pretty ugly MacBook screen. I assume that the connector on the logic board that goes to the iSight/Bluetooth/AirPort/ALS components of the screen is bad because of the terrible damage done to the screen. In any case, it looks fine, and I can't really imagine that there's something wrong with it, but the iSight, Bluetooth, AirPort, and ALS (therefore the keyboard backlight) won't work. I don't really know if this is a result of the power problem, or if it's somehow related, but I thought I'd give as much information as possible.

Thanks for looking at my terribly long message. It's a pretty desperate situation considering I have limited life for my battery. Hopefully someone can help me! Thanks so much again!


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Use a tooth pick on the pins on the AC adapter to see if they move in and out freely. Then take a multimeter and test the pins for full power output. Are you using a 60 Watt adapter? A 45 wattage adapter will give a green light but not power the machine on by itself. It will also slowly charge the battery to the point where it will boot from the battery.

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Howdy! Unfortunately, it's not the power adapter. I forgot to mention this. I have two 60 watt adapters and one 85 watt adapter, and they all work. None of them make the computer turn on. Thanks!


At this point I would replace the MagSafe board: MacBook Pro Unibody 13" and 15" MagSafe DC-In Board

Go here to select which Book you have and follow the guide. MacBook Pro 13" Repair


I have some news regarding this issue. My MagSafe board isn't the problem. I found a bad capacitor on the logic board, and I replaced it with one that I hope matched the original on the board. I was hoping that this would solve the problem, but it didn't. I'm trying to get ahold of another bad mid-2009 logic board so I can hopefully use the right replacement part, but it's proving difficult to get. In any case, I'm really bummed that replacing the exploded capacitor didn't help my problem. I'm at a loss of what to do. I should just replace the logic board probably. At that, though, it's not even worth it to continue with this project . . . .


Exploded capacitors on the logic board are very rare. Thanks for the downvote for trying to help you.


Oh! I'm really sorry Mayer. Honestly I didn't mean to downvote you. Here. I'll upvote you. I'm really sorry thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate it!


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