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Panasonic TX-L50ET60E TV horizontal lines / flickering


My 3 year old Panasonic TV has started flickering a few days ago.

The lower half of the screen shows horizontal lines (more or less like a 3D display) for a few seconds, then goes back to normal for a few seconds, then shows horizontal lines again, goes back to normal, etc.

The problem occurs whatever source I use (TV, HDMI1, HDM2...). Turning the TV off and on, or a reset to factory defaults didn't help. Firmware is already up to date.

I uploaded a video to show this:

After a few minutes, the display changes to:

Here are photos after back panel was removed:

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Can you please help?

Thank you!

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@vudu horizontal lines are usually an indication of a failed panel. What have you checked thus far?


@oldturkey03 thank you for your help!

I haven't tried anything beside what I mentioned in my previous message, as a total newbie :(. I wrote "horizontal lines" but it looks like more or less like interlaced lines (as in 3D display), in case you haven't been able to watch the videos.

I was only thinking about opening the panel and making sure all contacts for cards were not faulty (i.e. loose), if it made any sense (which I'm not sure of).

Thank you


I have a Panasonic as well (TC-L50ET60 from late 2013). Last night it started shifting up and down as yours did but from about 1" from the top of the screen (like your second video). Tonight the whole screen from the 1" down to about 1" up seems to jump back and forth between normal and interlaced mode. Note that this happens on all input, menus and Netflix through the SmartTV menu so it has nothing to do with signals coming in.

Did you figure out the source of your issue? I assume that the display panel is good due to the display being almost fine every couple seconds. I suspect one of the screen drivers are giving a bad signal (although I don't know much about TVs). I haven't opened it up yet to see if there is anything obvious. Anyone have any ideas?

Here's a link to a video of it:


Well, I tried replacing the T-Con board but the same issue still persists. I also activated the test mode using the Volume(-) on the main unit and pressing the yellow button on the remote 3 times to display colored screens. These screens also displayed the faint black line at the top.

I assume that this means the issue must be within the panel?



Thank you all for your answers.

The repair department of the shop where I bought the TV told me it was a failed panel.

I called Panasonic support to ask for a confirmation and they replied with the address of a certified local repair shop. I explained the TV was only 3 years old and asked for some help to pay for the repair quotation but they refused.

I took this as a (polite) way to tell me: 1/ we don't need or want you as a customer 2/ go f* yourself.

I'm planning to buy a Sony, which has never let me down and advise you to do the same.


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@vudu this could be some bad caps. It appears to only happen to the bottom half of your display. You do want to go ahead ahead and remove the back panel. Take a close look at the mainboard (where the video input sources are) and the power board. Take some pictures and let us see what you see. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question to add images to your question.

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OK thank you, I'll do this and keep you posted!


@oldturkey03 I just added photos. Thank you.


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Hello Olivier,

I got exactly same problem as you...with TX-L50ET60E

Went to authorized Panasonic repair center and after 1 week of investigation they told me it was a problem with display (Led)

The answer from them:

"Impossible to repair ,please collect your TV"

The conclusion from Panasonic service center:

Even if we found new display it will cost around 800euros (service guy told me)

Scrap your TV and buy a new one... :(

I will never go for Panasonic again....

Good Luck with your TV


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