Also known as Samsung on5(2016) with the model number G-570. A slim metallic body with corning gorilla glass and exynos 7570 quad chipset.

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J5 Prime Phone will not turn on

So I've had a Samsung J5 Prime for just over 5 months now, and this is the first time it's ever acted up. I didn't charge it over the night, (I forgot) but charged it when i woke up and it was around 60% before I went to school. After about 4 hours of working fine, I went to check the time and my phone wouldn't turn on at all. Held down the power button etc and naturally assumed it had run out of battery. I remember it had about 40% charge left which I thought was a little strange, but I came home and plugged it in.

I've left it charging for about an hour and a half now, but nothing has happened, no red light, no response.

Yes, I checked if the charger was turned on.

I've tried holding down the power button while it's charging

I've tried switching power plugs and chargers

No idea what to do......

Also, the back cover doesn't come off so i cant take out the battery etc.

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My phone doesn't turn on but the battery/charging indicator is red I've put it on charge for hours now.I've tried soft reboot solution but didn't pls.


I've had this problem just a few moments ago. I got the correct answer from one of the comments. Thank you very much for posting the answer.


SamSuung J5 Prime is a working time bomb.... Another error!!! While watching a movie, my J5 Prime makes a sound like a lose fan very loud and it hooks and the phone stopped working this is the 2nd time in 2days...


Hey my Samsung turns on but it wont show the menu turns on but stucks at the sign SAMSUNG


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Hi Liz,

You're probably solved this by now - but I just had the same issue. Nothing else I tried worked before this:

I pressed Volume Down + Home Button + Power Button for a few seconds.

After a few seconds I got a turquise screen warning me about a custom OS install.

I cancelled that with a Volume Down press and then my phone booted normally.

Got the idea from here.

Hope that helps Liz (and you future Internet person),


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Thanks so much for helping out!

You're right - I did end up solving it on my own but thank you anyways

Holding down the home and power button at the same time works as well, (it's called a soft reboot, same as taking battery out on another samsung) that's how mine turned on.


this is awesome!! thanks for the great tip! i thought i had to go down to the customer service centre to get the set replaced.


my screen is blinking and thats why

i cant rebbot my phone


Thank you so much. it helped me a lot after i faced this problem for the first time..:)


THANKS a lot dear it works no need to go to repair shop..


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My J5Prime 16G ROM, 2GB RAM developed a similar problem yesterday. First, it intermitently started running an alarm like a ring tone. After hours of doing so, it became non-responsive till the battery went off. Didn't respond to any action including charging until i removed the external memory and SIM cards. Then, it charged, and i had to do factory reset. Now, it is working much slower, less responsive.

DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS? Is it a generic problem from the factory? Should i expect it to recur? DO I NEED TO VISIT THEIR CARE CENTRE? I am afraid of going there to waist my time?

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Samsang j5 prime power key not working

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