Phone heating up very hot during use with and without charge.

I have looked at the device internally and there are no signs of anything abnormal on connectors, logic board and the thermal pad that switches between the housing of the back of the phone and the logic board's CPU chip.

Also checked for liquid damage (and corrosion) there does not seem to be any. The phone looks like it has been taken care of well.

I'm probably going to try another charging port to rule out short-circuiting on the board. The whole board feels hot because something is short-circuit but I'm not quite sure what it is.

The menu and back / recent button does not work. Only the home button on the screen works (Power + vol up and down work fine).

If it ends up being the touch sensitive buttons being at fault I guess I'll have to replace the screen as they are pre-assembled together.

So what do you think may be most at fault? Yes it also does this on the big green battery charging screen when phone is not turned on.

Update: Okay, so some good progress has been made. I have replaced the charging port dock assembly and that seems to have fixed the two touch capacitive buttons between home button so they are working again.

However I am still getting that very hot phone issue. Something is still heating up like crazy on the board from a short-circuit.

Honestly I'm stumped. I just tested everything on the Samsung Hidden Test Menu (*#0*#) and everything works just fine there.

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has it ever been worked on before before you?


Nope. It looks literally untouched internally, everything original. The rear camera plastic temporary sticker wasn't removed even as well and kept in good condition (The phone was really taken well of).

The back cover was marked together with battery.

I know why because the customer does not trust anyone else touching their phone. The usual swapping parts thing.

Honestly I don't like those type of customers but he gave me this phone for free pretty much (I think I paid like $50 for it) Really good deal because I can make money off just the screen easy.

Well I do have a i9507 phone as a spare (It's basically an i9505 the only thing different is the cellular bands / modem baseband) No good for general use as it gets stuck on 2G and isn't fixable.

Hmm I think it'll be a good practice to check what is draining and shorting with no resistance on the board then try replacing it.


Good luck, I had the same problem. With a thorough search of the pcb I found nothing. I look forward to your findings.


Going to try updating the firmware (It was at 4.0) now flashed to Android OS (5.0.1).

Oh. Phone's IMEI blocked from 2013. I got that covered though, so no problem for me. And I just found out the battery has gone bad too, % was jumping all over the place.


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