Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Wifi works, network unavailable

My 6 plus works fine on wifi. When I install my sim, it realizes that it is an ATT sim, but the network status in the settings reads "Not Available".

I have done all suggested troubleshooting techniques I could find online including resetting network setting, restoring phone, and checking carrier settings.

I even took the phone apart to check for broken antennas, but everything looks fine.

I am now considering replacing the logic board with hope that it will fix the issue.

Does anyone have any other suggestions or have had this issue?

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Have you tried someone else's working SIM?


Have you tried using that AT&T sim card on another phone to see if that works?

Has the phone worked before with sim card?

Is this a phone recently bought from someone?

If you buy logic board replacements from eBay / Alibaba it's a bad idea because you never know whether something is wrong with it or not (most of the time if there is something wrong it's usually not repairable unless you do micro-soldering most of the time).


Is it locked? Normally a cellphone unless bought outright at say an Apple store will be locked by a service provider, if at any point you switch providers the phone will not work until you contact, your old SP. There is a fee involved.


Go to Settings>General>About. Scroll down until you reach "Serial Number." Somewhat below it, you should see the IMEI number. Can you confirm that it is present?


Thanks for the suggestions.

I have tried several sims from straight talk, boost mobile and att. I know all the sims work in other phones.

I bought this phone for $50 knowing it had this issue, and figured it was repairable.

The phone is unlocked for any network. This was confirmed by install of a sim, the "Chose carrier" setting option pops up before being auto chosen (correctly).

The phone isn't iCloud locked, I made sure of that before purchasing.

The imei is there

Everything looks and acts normal other than "Not Available" network in the about settings page.

Are there any other trouble shooting options available? Or should I bite the bullet and attempt a logic board replacement.

Thanks very much for the suggestions again.


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I just went through this on 2 iphone 6's this last month. Both had different reasons. 1st was a bend in phone that caused a solder break in the Sim Card Tray. It recognized the Verizon Sim card but Searching "No Service"...Had to touch up the solder connections (Difficult due to all the plastic), 2nd was a unknown cause...Bought from Ebay...tried about everything I could think of and ended up reballing the Baseband chip and it came back to life :) No more searching. Repair is extremely difficult, I tore a couple pads and had to make jumpers...if this is the problem which is unlikely (I just tried because I tried everything else with nothing to lose), it will take alot of skill for repair. Best of luck!

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Thanks for the info, saves me time on what areas to look for faults. Seems like I have to look out for sim card reader solder connection and baseband chip.

When did you tore the pads, when wicking the pads or when removing the chip?

As minho says, the pads on these iPhone logic boards are more prone to coming off meaning you need to be more careful with the amount of friction you put on it compared to larger logic boards (macbooks for example).


You are welcome. I lost them when Wicking :( They came off easier than the Meson M1 it seemed.


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Thank you very much for the answers! I have yet to try reballing the baseband chip, but i am going to assume that it the answer. I am going to give it a try sometime in the near future. If it's not the issue, then i wont be too upset, i only spent $50 on it and i can use the rest for parts. Great suggestions everybody!

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