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I need a redio codes

Hello I need a redio codes of my car engine D14Z6

Answer this question I have this problem too

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I need a redio code honda accord 1998


David, you can get a radio code here: https://radiocodevault.com/honda


is there a sequence that you have to put the numbers in


The http://radiocodevault.com website worked for me as well :)


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I had this same issue after disconnecting my battery, what ended up working was using that site https://radiocodevault.com/honda/ and then having them send me the unlock code that matched with my radio. Music again, finally…. :) Hope it helps some people out still searching for a solution to this.

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I got a working Honda radio code from https://radiocodevault.com/honda/

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I followed all the steps and everything was coming up roses until it came time to have the reset code sent to me and then in order to get the code they wanted 14.95. By no means am I spending 14.95 on a radio reset code for a 2002 accord. I guess I will go as is or does anyone have a free suggestion. 14.95 you gotta be kidding


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Step 1: Turn the Honda ON, and the radio should turn on automaitcally but if it doesn’t turn it on.

Step 2: Then turn the radio OFF

Step 3: Hold the 1 & 6 preset buttons on radio

Step 4: While still holding 1 & 6, turn the radio back on

Write down the 8 numbers that display on the screen

This is your radio’s serial number.

Go to https://radiocodevault.com/honda/ and enter your serial number

They will also probably require your VIN# which you can find very easily on your car by checking alongside the door when you open it.

From what I’ve heard they send out codes 2-3 times per day directly to your email

Just enter the working unlock code into the radio using the same preset buttons (the numbered buttons) and you should be all set and having your radio working again!

It seems complicated, but its not. Just follow the steps and you’ll be fine.

P.S if your Honda is before the year 2000, just go to that unlocking service site and enter your VIN# and leave the serial number blank. The older models usually have extra steps you have to do in order to obtain the serial number. Usually you have to remove the radio first, and the serial number you’ll need is on the back label that says HONDA.


Hopefully this saves some people hours of research and hassle :P

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@itoperez there are a couple of things you can try:

1. Look in glove box for small sticker with numbers, should be 5 digits with numbers no greater then 6.

2. Pull out the ashtray and see if the sticker is on the back of there.(older models that have them)

3. Pull radio from dash and write down radio serial number and call local dealer with that number and they will be able to get the code for you. They will ask verifying questions.

One more thing you can do is that Honda has a radio reset website, this is an automated service that can provide your Honda stereo code. Just write down the serial number of your radio and the VIN number of your vehicle then contact Honda. The VIN number is located on the driver side of your Accord vehicle just behind the windshield.

Block Image

You could also give this a try:

Turn car to ON II(radio powers up)

Turn radio off

Hold 1 & 6 buttons on radio

While still holding 1 & 6, turn radio on

Write down the 8 digit number that should display

Call your Honda dealer and give them those numbers. Or you might want to try this one online. https://radio-navicode.honda.com/

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I need the radio coad m98k438773

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