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Kernel Panic on MBP late 2011 Yosemite SSD

Hi! I have have some weird activity with Kernel panics.

It started when I came home from a cafe that has internet access, my SSD crashed into a kernel panic. I've tried almost everything!

  • Safe mode would not boot, when i held alt key it worked but would not boot to drive just kept panicking and switching itself on and off constantly with the short message.
  • I zapped PRAM, that was no good,
  • Disk utility did not recognize my drive in recovery mode. However, I got my external drive out and it booted from there with no problems,
  • I wiped the drives partition out it had, and did a fresh install using carbon copy cloner. Disk was back to normal and was running great again.

3 days later... I had to go back to same cafe to meet a friend and I was on my MacBook doing some work, when i got home same thing again! With all the warnings each time I did get in saying your computer closed down due to unexpected ... etc

Anyway, I took the drive out this time and did a repair through Disk Utility in external drive case when I put drive back in it was fine all weekend,

Had to go back to that Cafe again a few days later, but this time it didn't boot up inside the Cafe at all, I just panicked it would mess up still again.

Now I can't see my Disk or Erase it, but the system boots OK from external case.

I thought it might be my HDD SATA cable as I had something similar happen in the past and it has been flashing at the top now and again. The beach ball of dread has been doing the rounds big time.

I bought a HDD SATA Cable today, I haven't got it yet waiting on the post and if it's not that you can't go wrong having a spare one of these.

I am running it off external drive now, but there is no way it will boot normally.

Anybody got any idea what might be happening and what to do?

I was thinking was it my SSD at first I have had it a year and isn't totally full, but is working OK in optical drive caddy, so I'm not sure, when I verify and repair it finds no problems at all.

Did I pick something up in that cafe I'm wondering? If so I don't know what to do really,

As I can't wipe the drive now for some reason. I do have a Mac mini, but i don't want to give it the Flu, so to speak.

If i did a target mode thing, I've not done it for a while. Anyway any tips be great, if cable is the problem I will update this message.

Thanks in advance!


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It sounds like you hit the trifecta!

Yes, your HD drive cable is the start of some of your problems and that is where I would start. But! you'll need to wipe your drive down and install the OS back properly! Don't use Carbon Copy! While it was a great tool years ago, it's no more ;-{ You see, CCC does not work well with the newer OS-X or MacOS versions and wouldn't create the needed hidden recovery partition.

OK what to do here??

I would create an OS installer drive using a USB thumb drive following this writeup: How to create a bootable macOS Sierra installer drive. Do make sure you have made a good backup of your apps & data using TimeMachine or other good backup app.

The last issue is the possibility of picking something up at the cafe. Yep! Strong likelihood ;-{

How you setup your system and using a good antivirus app both can help make the risk less.

First, create a second user which is not an admin. Truthfully, you should be using this account over your first account (Admin). This helps in isolating an infected user account as you can then use your Admin account to get in, create a new account and delete the infected account. You'll use the Admin account to install apps moving forward.

Next make sure you turn off your WiFi before going out the door so your less likely to expose your self. If you must connect to the internet think about using your phone instead! Tethering via Bluetooth or WiFi. But of course consider your cellphone accounts limits and if you have any restrictions by your carrier. OK, thats not going to work any other ways? Yes! Use a VPN service so your stuff and connection is secured from any man in the middle attacks as well as a software firewall (Mac OS's offer one) make sure its enabled or think about a better firewall that has more controls.

Lastly, use a good antivirus app and use private browsing within Safari and think about using Ghostery or other adware/cookie monitoring & blocking app.

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HI Dan

Thanks for that info mate, appreciated! Yes i think you are right, i need to get all of that drive cleaned up and wiped. I have sort of stuck with Yosemite throughout the years as it was pretty good. However i suppose i will give Sierra a go and if any bother i can go back. I have malwarebytes that's what i usually use, it has been pretty good, although hasn't found anything, The cafe, I may have picked up some of there software who knows? Anyway i have heard ghostly is quite good i had the malwarebytes. Good thinking Dan, i have plenty of free tethering on my iPhone and i never use it hardly i have 8GB of data, Its strange how it messed it up every time i went in there. I think i have picked something p form there, and its on my startup drive. i don't think i will use my admin as you say good point! I never thought about that. Anyway see how it goes. Is there another app like CCC thats good, or do you think i should just do it straight of the time machine?




I use TimeMachine for backups and when doing upgrades (when I still have a working drive) I use the built-in Migration Assistant services within the OS installer or use the utility directly when I need to do it later.

Yes, It's a bit slower than CCC, but, it does take care of the file/directory ownership and user accounts quite well. It also allows you to trim what you what to copy over.


Here's a firewall service which you might think about using if you're on a public WiFi connection a lot: OS X Fortress. I can't speak on how good it is but it sounds like a good app and its even open sourced & free!


Thanks Dan i will check this out, still waiting on cable However that Ghostery is pretty good never used it but seems cool. I will keep you posted dude when i get this cabel, i can't be bothered doing anything till that comes as best place to start i think. However i won't be leaving it at that, still needs a good seeing to, as will still have kernel junk, or whatever it was that was making to panic. Soon find out though, well find out something anyway, but be good to keep it more protected. Mcafee do antivirus now for mac, as well. I get this for nothing, but i have only ever run it on windows, so has to be worth a go, i might not be as good but is a good trusted AV.


Hey Dan

I got my MBP back up and running. Thanks for the tips very useful! I think it it was the cable. However i can't say that for certain though? As I wiped my drive on external and done a fresh restore from last year from time machine on my external backups, i would never know what was on there and was not taking any risks to find out. I now am using another server account when i am out and about and even when home. My admin account is the spare now so to speak for safety. I went back to that cafe i was telling you about, and i tethered fro my phone instead of using there wifi. My phone was faster as well. I liked at the AV link, interesting. Mcafee i get free, but to be honest it aint no good man for mac, , and it slows your mac down. . I think will just keep up to date with all the OS X software on safari for the time being. Malwarebytes new version seems to be ok for the time being but will see what others are like. Thanks again for your advice. Appreciated

All the best

Captain P


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