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How to boot/start in a HDMI

Hi there

I've got this Samsung UE46F5500AW TV, but I don't have any channels, so everytime I turn it on, I have to manually change the TV to the box (HDMI 1).

Is there a way to boot the TV directly in the HDMI for the box?




The part "I don't have any channels" is not the issue.

I just want to find a way to boot up directly in HDMI 1 instead of TV (source of input)

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Marcos Loureiro any chance you can double verify your model number for us?


Sorry for the delay a 0 was missing (


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If the settings are lost every time the TV is turned off, check if the Use Mode is set to Store Demo and if so alter the setting to Home Use,

Go to Screen Menu > Support > Use Mode

Update (03/28/2017)

Hi @mloureiro ,

Good that you solved it by using the Power button on the remote to turn the TV off/on so that it starts with the last stored input connection.

Interesting that the Program Up/Down causes the input to change though. I can only surmise that the firmware "decides" that you wish to change channels (as well as switch on) and therefore goes to the next channel up or down, depending on what you pressed, from what it has stored as the last channel in use. To do this it has to switch inputs. This is only conjecture on my part though as to what is happening.

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The "Use Mode" is set to "Home Use". Maybe my question is confused, it's not about the channels, is about booting up in HDMI1 instead TV


Hi @mloureiro ,

That is what my answer was trying to be.

Most TVs retain the settings that they were on when they are turned off, i.e. if you had selected HDMI as the input and then turned off the TV it should start with HDMI as the input.

This does vary with some. If you turn off the TV but leave it in the standby state (do not turn off the wall outlet) they do retain their last settings, but if you turn off the wall outlet they revert to default settings for some but not all of their settings. Others do not lose their last retained settings with the wall outlet turned off.

My answer was given because in Store Demo mode some of your TV settings revert back to default when the wall outlet is turned off, i.e. input is for the TV channels.

Do you turn it off with the remote only or do you also switch off the wall outlet?

If you do switch off the wall outlet, what happens if you use the remote to turn it off (this is actually a standby state) and do not turn off the wall outlet and then switch it back on?


I only turn off with the remote, the HDMI was never stored. turning off from the wall had no effect. the apps installed are still there, and it still boots to TV instead of HDMI


Found the problem. The last input is stored. However, I normally use program up/down do turn on the TV, curiously my gf does the same. So I've tried the power button and it has gone to HDMI1. @jayeff can you update your answer to mention this so I can accept the answer?


What was the fix? I also have the same issue, I turn off my Apple TV and the tv turns off automatically, when I turn on my Apple TV and TV, the TV does not stay on hdmi.


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I have your answer. I had the exact same problem with my Samsung Q7 always reverting back to the empty “TV” source rather than my Apple TV HDMI source, and after reading this post and going through all my settings I came to the conclusion it had nothing to do with the TV (in part, it’s samsungs crap source swapping is the primary issue) but rather the Apple TV, which it does. When the Apple TV goes to sleep your TV will resort back to the “TV” input as default, so when you turn the TV back on it reverts to default, which is the “TV” input.

Solution: Turn off sleep mode for your Apple TV to “never” and the Apple TV will never turn off (sleep) and reset the TV back to default input of “TV”

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If you switch on your Samsung TV from standby and it comes up with a black screen instead of your last HDMI input, then you are most likely powering it on using the channel up or down button. Use the power button to switch the TV back on instead of channel buttons and it should solve that issue.

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