Why does my left analog stick stop working?

I use my PowerA Fusion controller for gaming on my Windows 10 PC. While I am playing the left analog stick will often stop registering for a split second, and then work again. I mostly only use it in GTA V for driving, and while I am turning, the car will suddenly stop turning and then continue turning again. It happens so briefly that it really doesn't even cause me to crash unless I am racing. Just driving around the city it is more of an annoyance. But when you are going 200 mph, every millisecond counts. At first, I thought maybe it was just an issue with the drivers, but when I plug in my old Xbox 360 controller, it doesn't do that. A friend suggested that maybe something in the left analog stick is shorting out. Any help would be appreciated. I just got my ifixit pro tech toolkit, so this should make a fairly simple first project. I'm not certified, but I have taken apart and fixed basically every video game system and controller I have ever owned, starting with repairing my Atari 2600 when I was 5 or 6 years old. But this issue is something that is new to me, and that controller was expensive. It sounds kinda silly, but I don't want to break it, even though it is basically already broken...

Edit: It doesn't stop working, it only registers as being pushed a small amount. And it only happens when I'm pushing left. This video shows what is happening.


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Does this and the xbox360 controller use the same driver? Or does the fusion controller use its own drivers, if so uninstall and reinstall them.

Is the cable in good condition, I googled the controller it seems to only come in a wired version, correct me if I'm wrong.

Does this problem persist in other games?

To clearify does the stick seem to deactivate or does it force movement in other directions (indicative of a short)?

Let me know how you get on, and if nothing above works out, can can discuss other options.

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Yes it uses the same driver.

The cable is good. It's a high quality cable and I store it wrapped loosely in the same way it was originally wrapped.

Yes it happens in all games.

It turns out upon further testing, it doesn't deactivate as I originally thought. It doesn't register movement in another direction either. It only happens when I press left, but when I am pressing it perfectly left, it only registers as being pushed slightly left. If I go slightly up or down it registers a full push in that direction. I think this video will clarify.


Ok, to me it looks to be a mechanical issue, I'd open the controller and have a look at the solder points, to make sure they all make good contact with the board.


That just happened to me and i went into drivers and showed hidden drivers i found sdl bluetooth driver wasnt working properly. I uninstalled and then searched for hardware changes by right clicking. After that i went to add legacy hardware and all the way down to xbox controller driver and installed that. Rebooted and controller is back to before. I also deleted and re-copied all my mods/scripts that have to do with hid or any input. Im not sure what exactly fixed it.


It stopped working after attempting 2 player with my bluetooth gamepad and phone emulater gamepad. Hope it helps


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