Why is my pc not connecting to my monitor

I have connected. The power supply cable and vga cable correctly and every thing is working except the monitor . The vga cable wnd the monitor is working ok with my other pc . So why it is not working with this pc? .

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Are there any error beeps on startup?

Do you get the Lenovo splash screen on startup?

Do you get a screen display when getting into the BIOS settings area, (press F2 soon after startup)?

Are you using the integrated graphics adapter or does the PC have a PCI graphics adapter card installed?

How do you know everything is working e.g. the OS for instance if you cannot 'see' it happening?

What OS is installed?



2:the screen is not coming so I don't. Know

3:I am using integrated graphics and the pci cards are installed

4:I mean the cpu is turning on all the lights are on and the cd drive also works

5: windows xp


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Here is a link to the service manual for the PC.

Scroll to p.80 to view the beep fault codes. Determine the pattern of the beeps (as shown in the manual) to find out what is wrong with the computer.

If it is 'memory' related, disconnect the power from the PC and then reseat the RAM modules, i.e. remove and replace and see if it works. If still not if there is more than one RAM module remove all except one and try again. If still no good try RAM in other slots. if still no good try the other RAM modules, one at a time in all the slots until it works. You might have a faulty RAM module or a faulty RAM (DIMM) slot.

Always remove / replace RAM modules (or anything else for that matter) with the power disconnected from the PC - not just switched off

If related to CMOS battery, look for a button cell battery on the motherboard and with a DMM - (Digital Multimeter- Voltmeter function) check its value. If you don't have a DMM replace the battery. These are non rechargeable batteries and usually have a life span of about 5-7 years.

Hopefully it is one of these and not a systemboard problem.

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I re installed the ram and the beeps are gone but still monitor not turning on



What pci cards have you got installed?

Are any of them video cards at all? If so remove it and see if that makes a difference.

Alternatively if there is a pci video card installed connect the monitor to it and see. Perhaps the BIOS is setup for a secondary video card.


Ok testing it


1: margarita riser card rev 2.0

And I have removed it but still the same problem



That appears to be the card into which you plug the pci cards.

If there are no pci video cards installed and you do not have video out of the onboard video connector (does the connector look securely mounted onto the motherboard?) then unfortunately the onboard video output has failed.

The only way to overcome this is to install a pci video card (presumably half height as you have a small form factor case - SFF).

Once installed and the monitor is connected to it and not the onboard video connector then when you start the PC the BIOS will switch to the 'dedicated video card and away from the onboard video.

One last throw of the dice that you could try is to disconnect the power from the PC and remove the CMOS battery (button cell battery) from the motherboard. Leave out for a couple of minutes -(press the power button as well for 10 seconds to hasten the process of removing all residual power from the motherboard). This is done in the hope that the bIOS settings may have been corrupted and will now restore to their default values.

Reinsert the battery (make sure that the polarity is correct - there is a + symbol on one side, reconnect the power and start it up.

Was the PC working OKbefore or have you just got it?


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