12.1" business laptop released in June 2012 by Lenovo. This laptop uses multiple product numbers, which vary based on configuration.

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ThinkPad lenovo not charging

Hi I need help the lenovo ThinkPad is not charging ,not sure there's a problem with the port .

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Check to make sure the power cord is firmly in place in the power adapter. The power cord sometimes loses contact with the receptacle in the power adapter.


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Remove the battery and the AC adapter (charger). Press and hold the power button for 3 - 4 seconds with these removed. Pop your battery back in, along with the AC adapter. If it still refuses to charge, you could be looking at a bad battery or possibly a bad charging circuit on the motherboard.

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I took my x230 apart, checking the small yellow AC connector for the adapter, plugged in several times in confusion and looking bamboozled at the orange

battery (which is the original btw) LED.

How in god's name does one come to get to know something like that, which isn't even mentioned in the manual.

I'm a happy x230 customer but that lock is bizarre and just effin stupid

Live long and prosper,

Greetings from Germany


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Usually this is due to bad charging circuit in Thinkpad.

If you have a meter, remove the battery and you will see a set of connector from Thinkpad to battery.

The first 2 slightly longer connector pins is Negative. The next 3, you should get 3.3v when power adapter is plugged. If one of them is missing, your battery would not charge.

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The first thing to do in situations like this is to power up the laptop without the battery installed, and then reinstall the battery once the system is booted. If it makes an attempt at this stage, it is likely too dead to charge from the BIOS or has BMS issues and will likely need to be replaced. The guide to replace the battery can be found here.

If you find the laptop still does not charge the battery, try a different power adapter. You can often use a good 3rd party adapter like the Targus adapters for testing since Lenovo laptops aren’t as picky as brands like Dell. If it works with a different adapter, you are dealing with a bad charger. If it doesn’t work, then your power jack is likely worn out and may need to be replaced. There is no guide on iFixit for this, but the Lenovo HMM has the procedure on how to replace the jack.

If neither of these fix it, there is something wrong with there is something wrong with charging circuit on the motherboard. Refer to the other answers on how to troubleshoot this (they do a very good job of explaining how to troubleshoot it then I can), but I’d like to add this can just be caused by a blown fuse. If you have always used good, high quality adapters it may be okay to replace it without checking the rest of the circuit. If you have used a mix of good and cheap adapters, you need to troubleshoot the board before replacing it.

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