Spilt Milk On My MacBook Pro :'(

So I spilt an entire cup of milk, let it sit for a few days, cleaned it out with alcohol, and now i just turned it on to see what damages had occurred.

The keys are obviously sticky, but i didnt clean them, because whats the point if I dont know if i could even use the computer.

Everything that i know doesnt work:

1. Battery doesn't charge,

I connected the mac to external display and boot it in safe mode, checked the system report and says the battery health is 44% and is at around 350 cycles. Says it needs to be replaced asap.

2. The screen

It's glitching out, its weird, I start the computer up, and wherever its dark screen it has noise, kinda like old TV sets that weren't on a channel. When i boot it, a apple logo with a bar comes up, the apply logo is continuously glitching pixel lines out, then the login shows for a few seconds before the screen just goes to black(its still on just black).

I am wondering what could be wrong with the screen, im thinking maybe the graphics card or the logich board, but why would that shut the screen off?

Also when i connect it to external display, the screen doesnt seem to shut off when i mirror the displays, at least for a few minutes.

When i disconnect the external display, the mac screen stays on for a few minutes before going to a turned on black screen.

I have done PRAM, SCS tests and disk utility everything seems to be working ok, except the glitchy-lines screen and the battery is done.

Any advice?

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We really need to know your EXACT machine.


I also just noticed I have bleeding at the bottom of the screen. I also found that there was some dried milk where the hinge is attached to the screen, could there be some wires or things in the black hinge that could have been water damaged if it seept through? http://imgur.com/ZWpeacS

Also its a 2014 model.


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In case you don't know what exact model you have, input your serial number found on the bottom cover of your Mac in www.appleserialnumberinfo.com to determine model and make (Example: MacBook Pro 15" Late 2011 or MacBook Pro 15" Retina late 2013, etc.).

This will help us help you way better.

If the keyboard fails, it can be replaced at a fraction of the cost of a new top case from Apple. If it doesn't fail, you can use it as is until it shorts and makes the laptop unable to start and/or fails and doesn't work anymore (partially or totally). So if it is not preventing the Mac from starting, you can leave it. Just expect a foul smell.

However if the board is failing (and from your explanation it seems to be), it can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of a refurbished replacement from Apple.

The flickering is worrisome as it means may be the back light circuit is hit, but worse the screen connector or the VGA may be hit. And the longer you wait on those, the worse they will become and the less likely you are to get back a fixed computer at an acceptable cost.

The battery not charging could be that the battery itself got hit, or the charging circuit. It it is the charging circuit, things may get worse very soon.

On a DYI level, you can unscrew the bottom case, disconnect the battery remove the board, remove the heat sink, observe the damage and snap very clear high resolution pictures, clean the board using 99% pure Iso Propyl Alcohol, and test again. But to get help and the exact steps that need to be followed, we'll need your exact model.

If you choose to skip the DYI approach, send it ASAP to someone who preferably will do a "no-fix-no-fee" attempt. Some ill-equipped techs tend to brush it with a toothbrush and if it doesn't work, still charge you a bench fee to pay for their incompetence. Make sure someone with the right liquid damage repair experience AND TOOLS like pro ultrasonic is handling your laptop.

Until you decide what your next step will be, disconnect it from power, do not try to boot it anymore. And if you can, get inside the machine and disconnect the battery and leave it disconnected.

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did you clean the lcd connector and cable? these often get damaged. Also can you post a picture? this sounds odd, even for water damage.

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This is how it looks like: http://imgur.com/hJwVqXV


Try to run Apple diagnostics, here's a guide: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202731


I got PPP003, VFD002, PPT007 Error codes.


PPP003: there may be an issue with the power adapter. VFD002:there may be an issue with the display. PPT007: the battery needs to be replaced. Try a different power adapter, an external display and a new battery. Then re-run it and see if it resolves it. If it does not appear with an external display, try to re-clean the LCD cable and connector and if all else fails get a new upper lcd assembly.


It always worked with an external display. I cleaned the lcd connector and now the display works fine. The battery however I looked at the details and it said that it needs to be replaced because it cant hold a full charge, but it should still be holding a charge, which it is, but the computer cant use the battery for some reason...So could it be the connector to the battery that's fried as well?


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