RAM beep when installing new RAM

I have a ASUS 970 gaming/aura motherboard that I just installed and I got some RAM as well. The RAM I got is 16gb PC3 10600 CL9 240 PIN RDIMM. When I install it, it beeps. The beeping is saying that it is not detecting any RAM. I had a 4GB ram stick here that I tried and it works. That RAM is ADATA AM2U139C4P2 2RX8 PC3 10600U-999. Like I said, that RAM works fine. I have two 16gb RAM sticks that beep.

ASUS said the 16gb ram should work. Does anyone have any ideas as to why it isn't working?

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You may have been misinformed regarding the 16GB RAM modules, unless there is an Asus 970 Gaming / Aura motherboard. I could only find information on an Asus 970 Pro Gaming / Aura motherboard on the Asus website..

According to the Asus specifications for that motherboard it supports a maximum of 32GB of RAM over 4 slots. (see image 1 below)

The maximum allowable RAM/slot is 8GB (4 x 8=32 - see image 2 below), therefore 16GB RAM modules will NOT work. Be aware that the RAM should be the low voltage type i.e.<1.5V

Here are some images taken from the Asus support page and the Asus User Guide for the Asus 970 Pro Gaming / Aura motherboard which explain the memory specifications.

(Click on images to enlarge for better viewing)

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Here is a link to the User Guide for an Asus 970 Pro Gaming / Aura Motherboard.


Hopefully this is of some help.

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I will take a closer look at the board and see if it is the pro. It just says the Asus 970 gaming/aura. So would i need the ram that I have just with the low voltage and 8gb sticks? So it would be DIMM 3L 8GB ? Does the rate matter at all? Thanks for your help!


Ah okay I saw theach rates listed. Finding RAM for this thing is confusing!


Hi @Maurice Rager,

Do it the easy way.


In the link select Asus > motherboards > 970 pro

scroll to the bottom of the options (view all results) to see the 4 x 8GB kits . Also as not sure re whether it is pro or not be conservative and do not go above 1600 MHZ unless you know it is pro model (maybe see what it says in BIOS - use your 4GB ram so that you can get in - just a thought) also the top speed of 2133 as per the image 2 is when you over clock (O.C).



enter make and model

The above 2 links were only to show that it verifies that the max per slot IS 8GB as both the RAM makers above don't offer 16GB RAM modules for your motherboard. They also show that it is low voltage. You don't have to buy from them just use their specs when you search for other brands i.e. No. of modules =4 -capacity 8GB - speed 1066 -1333 -1600 your choice - Voltage <1.5V then look for the best price per module and then check the reviews of the brand that you decide on online to see if they have a good reputation. When you do decide and get the 4 modules ensure that they are all identical as to their specs so as to avoid any possible problems.

Good luck.


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One of the memory sticks may be bad, or both. Try install one stick, check if it works then add the other stick and check again. Hope that helps

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