Another VIZIO turns off randomly

I have a VIZIO 42" LED TV, model E422AR, about 3 yrs old (out of warranty). The TV is wall mounted in my bedroom. A few months ago it started randomly 'turning itself off'. By random I mean it might not happen for a few days, then happen several times in the course of a minute. The usual pattern is it happens a few times each evening.

When it happens, there is no picture or sound, the same as if I had manually turned off the TV via the remote, but with one exception: the VIZIO logo on the bezel beneath the screen remains lit, and is 'brighter' than it is normally when the TV is on. Other than the brightly lit logo, the TV appears to be in its normal off/standby state. In fact, if I then press the power button on the remote, the TV turns back on and all is well again (picture and sound) until the next time it decides to randomly turn itself off again.

After doing some hunting around online, I found many other VIZIO customers complaining of similar symptoms, although in most of those cases I the TV either failed completely (wouldn't turn back on), or the user had to unplug the TV, wait 10 or 15 secs, then plug it back in to get the TV working again (I've never had to do that). And no one described their TV's logo as still being lit when the TV failed.

Since most of the failed cases I read about turned out to be a bad power supply board, I went ahead and purchased one online. It was an exact match to mine, right down to the board's manufacturer, part number and rev letter. I went ahead and swapped the boards, powered the TV back on, and within a couple of minutes it failed again with exactly the same symptoms. %#*@.

So at this point I can safely assume that either the problem is *not* the power supply board, or the replacement power supply board I bought online has exactly the same problem as mine (certainly a possibility; I'm sure the board I purchased was used).

I have a hunch that the TV's hardware is ok, that this is some sort of glitch in the firmware. I can imagine there are points in the code where the default action in response to some error condition is to put the TV into the exact same state I'm seeing now. I could test out that theory by reverting back to an earlier firmware level and see if the problem disappears or the symptoms change, but it appears VIZIO offers no way to do that -- not only is there nothing in the TV's menus for loading firmware, but there are no firmware downloads offered on VIZIO's own support site.

I have no service manual or schematics for the TV, so I'm pretty much stuck at the moment.

The problem of course is that I have no way to capture the TV's state at the instant it fails. So checking voltage levels after unplugging the TV and plugging it back in will likely be futile, unless a component is 'on the edge' or out of spec. I could try operating the TV with its back off and, after it fails, leave it plugged in and measure voltages then, but that would be hard to do as the TV is still in daily use.

Because the TV is still in use, any 'try this, try that' type troubleshooting will be painful, as it would mean pulling the TV off the wall, removing the 10,000 screws from the back, testing whatever new steps are suggested, then, short of coming up with an actual fix, reassembling it and remounting it on the wall. So I'm hoping I can get a bit closer to the source of this problem without having to continually open up the TV.

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I too have Vizio with the same problem. XVT553SV purchased in Feb 2011 and has done this randomly from the 1st week I had it. Besides being very limited in what capabilities it has, compared to newer updated models, and a couple of hdmi ports that quit working, it has served me well so far. I have it attached to a APC 1400 UPS for protection. Usually this happens out of the blue with no pattern I can discern once every few weeks to a month and lasts for 5 min. I originally was told by Visio it was updating firmware and of course I drank that cool aid. As it is now going on 6 years old I count it as lucky it still works from what I read and hear from others regarding Vizio televisions so I guess I got my moneys worth at this point.


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I have this same problem with my Vizio tv in my living room and because of this i will NEVER buy vizio again. Soup to nuts i spoke to Vizio support and here's what they told me. When my tv shuts off and the vizio logo flashes underneath the tv it is due to a voltage change on your electricity. Super big Pain in the @$$ especially when you are watching something important but nothing really can be done to be honest, i have tried putting in low end and high end surge protectors to no avail

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Thanks stephenrogolla. I certainly agree with your frustration!

You said, "... the vizio logo flashes ...". My logo doesn't flash, it just remains on and is brighter than normal when the TV is working. Is that what you meant, or does your logo actually flash on and off?

My TV is plugged into a battery backup/UPS, which protects the TV from over- and under-voltages. So VIZIO's comment is pretty lame, at least in my case. Personally, I think there's some sort of design flaw where the TV senses a problem and shuts off, even though there is no problem.

When I called VIZIO, they told me my TV was out of warranty, and that I needed to contact a nationwide support service (ITI) to see about getting it repaired. When I called ITI, they said they could repair the TV for a flat rate $240. When I called them back a few days later and gave them my zip code, they told me they had no repair centers in my area, so I was basically s**t out of luck. Nice.

Like you, I will obviously never again buy a VIZIO TV.


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We have a 10 year old Vizio 42" tv that shuts itself off every so often. Somedays, it won't stay on more than a few minutes. Logo stays lit till we turn it off, wait a few minutes and turn it back on. We've started putting a small fan behind the TV to 'cool things off' and it has worked for the most part. Something inside is overheating and causing the TV to turn off and the fan cools it for awhile. Other days, now that it's getting warmer out, it doesn't do much for it.

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Interesting, debsav60. I never associated our problem as being caused by overheating, since I normally just hit the power button on the remote to bring the TV back on again (without waiting for anything to cool down).

But then again, maybe there's an internal heat sensor that's failing and triggers occasionally when it shouldn't.

I have my TV wall mounted, so I'm not sure how I can get a fan behind it, but maybe I can rig something up.

Come to think of it, my problem started some time *after* I wall mounted the TV; previously it had been on a stand with better air flow around it. Hmm...


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