it has hard start

Hi.anyone help...I have a 1.8 mk4.non has hard start you have to crank it so many times before its catches up.i changed almost everything,plugs,fuel pump,relays,temperature sensors nothing is usual hv this problem when I park it for long...pls advice..

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Hi, Have you had the OBDII port scanned to see if there are any error codes which may help in solving the problem?


Do you have the tools to perform a compression test and a leak-down test? I was wondering if the piston rings are wearing out, and the heat generated from the friction of turning over the engine eventually causes the rings to expand and give you enough compression to start the car.

Probably too much speculation and too little knowledge in this comment. Does it only happen in the cold? Do you have a heated garage you could park it in for a while and check later after it has cooled down to room temp? How long does it have to be parked to have this problem?


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