Released September 25, 2015. Model A1688/A1633. Repair of this device is similar to previous generations, requiring screwdrivers and prying tools. Available as GSM or CDMA / 16, 64, or 128 GB / Silver, Gold, Space Gray, or Rose Gold options.

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iPhone 6S Proximity sensor issues

I have replaced many, many iPhone 6S screens with no issues. Tested everything pre and post replacement and everything is working fine. All of a sudden, the last 5-7 replacements ive had issues with the proximity sensors after the replacements. I have got to the point where I have been ordering extras to keep in stock for the replacement. Obviously this isnt a cost efficient method. I have tried different things on each replacement to see if it fixes the issue. Non have worked.

I get two different problems at different times. The first problem I tend to get, is the proximity sensor doesn't turn the screen black during calls. So you think a simple reseating would work? No. I try everything, including removing the plastic guide and trying to align it perfectly without it. Had to replace the sensor.

The second issue I tend to get now, is that the phone actually shuts off about 5-8 seconds into a phone call and resets. It is definitely an issue with the earpiece/proximity sensor, because if i test the phone with the headphones plugged in, or its set up through bluetooth, the phone works as it should. Also, had to replace the sensor.

Is anyone else having any issues like this, or am I the only one, and what are you finding to solve the issues? Luckily the last 3 were 6s's that I bought cracked to replace myself, but this last one I had an issue with the phone not turning black during call, So I reset the network settings and now its doing the reset thing 5-8 seconds into calls.

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Have you tried the old screens back? Did you start using some new batch of screens?


are you using metal tweezers?


I use both and have no issues.

Because I always pry at the diagonal part of the front camera flex behind it to lift up near proximity sensor first then use a metal or plastic spudger to lift up the front microphone flex via the top left side starting from where the cable lifts up.


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The first problem is definitely damage to the proximity sensor on the induction flex cable. Replacing the part is the simplest solution. They are relatively inexpensive and a good thing to have on hand.

The second issue is not one I've seen before. It's either damage to the induction flex assembly or logic board damage, but i would lean toward the former first.

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yeah i mean, replacing the cable has fixed all my issues, but I just dont know what Im doing wrong that it keeps happening. like I said, Ive done many replacements before and now it seems to be an issue on every replacement. I just had it happen again, this time with a regular 6 where I did the replacement, turned the phone on and it just kept reseting and never got to the home screen. I unplugged it, plugged the old screen (bare) back in and it turned right back on. I left it on and plugged in the new one, and it worked but said 'touch id couldnt be found". So I did a soft reset and went back to restart mode. I had to replace the proximity sensor on that too and the problem was solved.


what tool are you using to remove the prox sensor from the place holder?


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