Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus.

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Front facing Camera on iPhone 6 inoperable after screen replaced

I recently had my iPhone6 cracked screen replaced, and my frame recentered after I inadvertently sat on my phone. However, immediately after I received my phone back from this place, I found my front facing camera (the main camera used for taking pics) was completely inoperable - the screen is just black. Moreover, the back facing camera (used for selfies) was very delayed in display. I took it back to the repair place, who were adamant that this type of issue with the front camera cannot be due to the repair to the screen and frame, insisting that they don't get anywhere near the front facing camera. Both cameras had been working without after the screen was cracked, and prior to having it repaired. The camera was not working immediately after taking it to get repaired.The repair place attached another camera, and had the same issue. Therefore, the issue is not with the camera itself, but rather the connections. The repair place suggested i do a DFU reboot, which i have done to no avail. The camera remains inoperable.

I would appreciate some feedback as to: (1) whether it is possible that this damage to the front facing camera can be done while replacing the screen and reshaping a bent frame; and (2) what specifically likely happened during this repair to make the camera inoperable. I have no doubt that the damage was sustained due to this repair work. I just need to show this person what likely happened.

Appreciate the feedback. Thank you.

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Most places you re use the front camera, selfie camera, from the original display. And don't do anything with the back camera, the camera you take "normal" pictures with. Where I'm wondering how things went wrong, was the frame damage. If everything was working, then the frame had to be straightened, otherwise the new display won't sit in there properly. Now there's an issue with your camera. I have a sign at my shop saying, I'm not responsible for frame damage. Because of the poor frames used in 6 and 6+. You may need to send it to a board repair shop, I hear iPad Rehab does good work. No I don't think it's the fault of the shop that repaired your phone

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I appreciate your response and insight, but do not follow your logic. To reframe, here are the facts again:

1. The repair place charged me an extra $60 to address the bend in my frame (in addition to the $100 for the screen repair);

2. The camera was working prior to sending it to this repair store;

3. The camera was not working directly after sending it to this repair store.

How could this happen if it were not the act of the repair store?


You asked them to fix the frame. Because you bent it. Now that the logic board is back in place. Some of the things you broke, are now not working properly. That's the logic. I realize you blaming other people isn't the answer you wanted to hear. But you wanted a second opinion from professionals, I use that term loosely, of the industry. That's the answer


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The problem is probably due to the bent frame. The logic board is secured onto the frame via multiple screws and was obviously torqued by the bent frame. When the frame is brought back to normal shape, the logic board ends up being torqued in the opposite direction once it is secured into the frame.

There is a very high likelihood that this is what caused the camera(s) to fail. There may be some damage to the logic board IC's that was caused by the original bending (and then un-bending) of the frame. If you came into my shop, I would warn you that bent devices can have all kinds of latent issues that will pop up over time. Touch Disease is a classic example of this.

I understand your frustration but that is like when you bring your car in for a brake job and the next day you realize one of the wheel bearings needs to be replaced. While it may seem like the mechanic is responsible, it is really two independent problems

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Got it. Understood. Thank you. Is this repairable, and if so how much would it ordinarily cost (and is it worth doing so on this phone)?


You need to find a good shop that can do modular and micro-soldering repairs. Your problem may still be modular (i.e. camera, flex etc.) but it is likely on the logic board. A good shop will be able to properly troubleshoot the problem.

Shop around, ask lots of questions and understand what you are getting into from a repair perspective. Like I said earlier, a bent device may have lots of latent issues downstream. That said, an iPhone 6 is certainly worth investing in.


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Sounds like a damaged induction flex assembly to me. It's a common mistake for rookie technicians or mediocre ones, but also could have been incidental damage if the phone was damaged in the vicinity of the camera. Sometimes just the fact of removing a part is the straw that broke the camels back so to speak.

I bet getting it replaced will solve the issue.

My shop charges $60 CAD for the replacement of this part on it's own or $35 if I'm replacing the screen too, so it's not gonna break the bank. I'd say worth it considering you just paid to have the screen replaced.

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