Paper feed and poster printing problems

I have a landscape image I wish to print across two A3+ sheets. There are problems.

Firstly, in the printer driver I select multi page/poster. The resulting window displays various layout but all are portrait size. Putting my landscape image across two portrait papers will result in an image barely bigger than on a single page! It makes no difference how I set the page orientation in the driver. There appears to be no way to print a landscape image across two pages in landscape!!

The second problem is one of paper feeding. I use Fine Art heavyweight paper (310g) so front feed it. This Epson seems notorious for how hard it is to feed paper this way. It is very hit and miss and requires a lot of fiddly, often resulting in the corner of the paper being bent. Having got it to feed and printing the first half of the image, I then need to feed in the second page. So I open the front tray and after a struggle it is loaded and I am instructed to close the front tray - except I can't as the paper has loaded positioned for printing the second hal of the image and is in the way so the front tray can't be closed!

Obviously Epson haven't tried doing this themselves or thought it through. The only alternative is to spend a fortune on roll paper. Grrr.

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have you tried splitting the page into 2 equal halves, then using borderless printing and a landscape orientation making 2 separate prints?

Fiddly and irritating but then so is using Epson printing :)


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