My dryer starts and seconds after it slowly stops. What could it be?

Roper Dryer. My dryer starts normal and makes a timer noise and then suddenly stops. What could it be?

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Hi, What is the model number of your dryer?


Roper model #RES7648kQ0

Serial #ML4436755


Hi, Does it happen on all available cycles i.e Timed Dry, No Heat Dry or Auto Sense Dry?


Yes. We have tried every cycle and it runs for a few seconds and stops.


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To find your problem may be a process of elimination.

My initial thoughts are that it may be a faulty door switch assembly. The door switch when operated allows the machine to run. I'm thinking that if it were faulty then perhaps when the machine starts the vibrations from the drum rotating might be enough cause the switch to release and to stop the machine.

If you have access to an Ohmmeter (a function found in a DMM -Digital MultiMeter) you should be able to test the switch for continuity.

With the power totally removed from the dryer, access the switch and then disconnect it from the wiring harness. Connect the Ohmmeter test leads across the switch wires and then manually operate and hold the switch actuating lever and check for continuity. If you get a reading on the meter, then gently move the switch actuating lever (or tap the body of the switch) to simulate "vibrations" and see if the reading on the meter holds steady. If it doesn't then most likely the switch is faulty and will need to be replaced.

Here is a link which shows how to access the switch. It also shows the price of the switch replacement part. (click on the repair video icon)

As I said it is a process of elimination, if the switch proves OK it is onto the next step which is to test the hi limit thermostat and the thermal cut off.

Here is a link which shows how to access them. It also shows the price of the replacement part kit. (click on the repair video icon)

I am loathe to recommend purchasing either of these items until they have been tested as they may all be OK and the problem may be further into the operating circuit.

You could always use the "Chat with a pro" link in the link and see what they suggest as a possible cause.

Hopefully this is of some help.

Update (01/10/2017)

Hi @yshamayte68 ,

The ticking sound is most probably from the timer assembly.

Does the cycle switch (timer) keep stepping around even though the dryer is stopped? (Watch it for 5-10 minutes to see if it advances).

It doesn't matter if it advances or not because even if the timer advances there could still be a faulty contact in the timer preventing the dryer from working.

Unfortunately, the timer unit is irreparable and will have to be replaced. You can test the unit with an Ohmmeter to see if there is a faulty contact in the unit. See the repair video in the spare part link below on how to access the timer - if you do want to test it or even remove it, remember safety first - disconnect the power from the dryer

Again because of the cost of this part I would hate to say that it is the cause of your problem without testing it first, although in saying that the company in this link seem to have a good policy on returns here (not advocating that you use them there may be others that you prefer to use). Check with them first to make sure that your interpretation of what it means is the same as theirs.

It may be worth it to get the spare part and see if it solves your problem if you can then return it if it didn't.

Here are links to two suppliers just to show the cost of the part. The return policy for this part from Sears is here

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Thank you so much. How about that tic tic tic like timer noise..?


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