What are these faint lines on my screen?

I very recently got a new laptop, an ASUS X553S, and everything was great until yesterday. I turned on my computer, the ASUS logo pops us everythings grand, I take a seat on my bed, and I notice extremely faint lines (some thick some thin) going horizontally down my screen. Now, first of all I presumed I had knocked my laptop on something and banged the screen but now I don't think so. Firsty, the lines showed up very well on my blue and purple wallpaper and on the grey theme of spotify, but were very faint on white unless you look from a low angle. I then thought to get it repaired and carried on using my laptop. I went on the only game I play on my laptop being sims and there is NO LINES. Not even slightly, not any way I look. So these lines show up on white (for example when on the internet) but when I put my game on it doesn't at all. I'm so confused as it doesn't seem like a screen breakage at all now, otherwise wouldn't it be visible all the time? It randomly goes away whilst on a game? My point is, they disappear when I'm playing a game and also when playing a youtube video they are almost invisible on all colours. Next, I was updating my computer this morning and the whole time it was updating there was no lines on the screen, and as always, the laptop restarted in the middle of the update and when it went back to the updating screen the lines had returned! Sometimes they are there and sometimes they aren't!? It can't be the colours because it was a blue windows screen when updating and there was no lines- 5 minutes later when it restarted they were back. Someone who knows what this is NEEDS to help me. I have a warranty on the laptop so i'm not too worried, but does anybody have any ideas on what's going on? As I type this on a white screen I see no lines but when I look from lower down or from the top it appears. I also never banged it or anything, it's been in 1 place since I had it and so the only thing I can think of is it happened when I sat on my bed because I jumped down quite a bit. I don't know, is it some kind of bug? HELP!!!!!!

The screen from straight on (doesn't pick up on the camera but lines are very faint):

Block Image

The screen from a low angle:

Block Image

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Try connecting an external monitor to your laptop and see if the lines are displayed on it as well.

If they never show on the external monitor, there may be a problem with the video cable between the motherboard and the LCD screen, the video cable connections at either end (motherboard or screen) or the LCD screen itself.

If they appear on the external monitor as well then the problem is most likely in the GPU or the motherboard.

Either way since it is covered by the manufacturer's warranty get it repaired/replaced under warranty.

Do it before the warranty runs out as it will not fix itself. Even if it disappears for a while chances are it will come back. Definitely will when you are out of warranty. Murphy's Law.

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Thank you very much for replying, I'm going to go and get it fixed asap, my warranty lasts for 12 months. So, do you know how this has happened then? Does it happen from physically damaging the laptop or has it just happened randomly? Thanks again


Hi @steffielizabeth

The reason for the problem, apart from any obvious physical damage or mis-handling on your part (which I have no doubt did not happen) will not be known until it is checked and the cause found.

Nowadays modern electronic components are very reliable, although you can get the odd failure. Given that most electronics contain hundreds of separate components sourced from a lot of specialist manufacturers before they are assembled into the final product the failure rate is very low.

Unfortunately it appears that this has happened to you this time, which I know does not do much to ease the disappointment that you are feeling at the moment.


Reputable manufacturer's go to great lengths to ensure that their products are reliable. Not only because they want to keep their customers happy (I think that is way down their list of priorities) it is more to protect their reputation (maintain sales) and also to keep their costs down by not having to over invest in service centres etc. Also the better ones are the ones that have faith in their product and provide a reasonable warranty period.

The consensus with electronics these days is if it is going to fail it will do so shortly after purchase. If it doesn't fail then you can expect a reasonable life span of the product provided that it is used in accordance with the manufacturer's user instructions and not modified too much or "abused" by the user. Understandably the manufacturer has no control over what happens after it has left the factory.


I see. Thank you for your time @jayeff it makes more sense now. Thank you so much you put my mind at ease! I'm going to have it repaired and see what they say then too. Kind Regards


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I was facing same problem, fault was in video cable and I knew it not, I replaced screens two times as there was shock in video cable that would damage the display. Now I ordered both display and cable, hope they dispatch soon.

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