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The HTC Desire 510 Android smartphone was announced August 2014.

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Replaced screen working properly only when the phone is plugged


I just replaced the top glass digitiser of my HTC Desire 510. It is the first time I do this kind of repair so I can't be 100% sure that it was done perfectly.

I bought the replacement top glass digitiser on eBay (not sure if it is an official one or not)

What's happening is :

- When the phone is plugged in (using the HTC charger which comes with the phone and only in that case), the new digitiser is working fine : no lag, recognising the double touch, etc...

- When the phone is unplugged or plugged in with another charger than the one coming with the phone, the digitiser is working in an erratic way : the straight swap are not recognised straight (I used a "paint" app to test this). After 3 or 4 touches, or if the swap is too long, the digitiser (or the phone itself ?) stops reacting and there is a delay of few seconds before I can get some touch recognised.

Could it be the new digitiser being faulty ? Maybe it is using too much power (which would explain why it is working only when the phone is plugged in), or maybe it is saturating the phone with erratic "touch" information which make it the whole system not usable for few seconds ...

I have searched for this issue but could not find anything on the Internet.

Thank you for your help


EDIT : After many tries, I found out that it seems to be due to the digitiser being too far from the LCD screen. I used the thin double-sided tape provided with the digitiser but I may have not tape it correctly. When I press (from the corners) harder the digitiser onto the phone, it starts working fine (plugged in or unplugged). I guess this solve this issue ...

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Are you using the red transparent double sided tape? That is what I use on a daily basis when I do HTC Desire 510 digitizer glass only replacements.

I haven't had any clients come back for touch screen issues. I think the quality of the HTC digitizers I get from my supplier are good. I didn't get it from eBay in this case.

The digitizers I have got tesa tape on a part of the digitizer ribbon flex cable so that it can stick behind the LCD like the original digitizer has.

It also had blue protection cover to stop the screen from scratching which I obviously had to take off since it wasn't transparent.

I use a single layer of red double sided tape and make sure it's the right width so that the digitizer sticks on well without any weak spots.

I personally would not worry about touch screen not working properly when plugged in on certain chargers. This is a very common thing and some original screens on some phones even exhibit this issue.

If it works fine when unplugged on a good charger at least then it's acceptable. With iPhones this is very common though.

I never end up testing the touch screen when it's plugged into my test multi-port charger because it interferes with the digitizer.

I avoid using the transparent double sided tape that came with screens that is on a stick resistant yellow paper and light-brown cover on the double sided tape.

They generally are cheap and don't adhesive well in some cases compared to the red double sided transparent tape which I can buy from eBay or other suppliers.

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Thank you for your answer.

Actually, I used the double sided tape coming with the screen (the "3M" brand).

Finally, I ended up opening the whole thing again, replacing the double sided tape I had put, then putting back new one in a more careful way.

It is working better but it is still not perfect ... (the drag and drop is not working on a too long swipe on certain apps, otherwise it looks like all the touches and short swipes are working)

I was wondering, is there any maximum distance the digitiser should be from the LCD screen ?

Because I found that when I was pushing the digitizer toward the LCD, it was working better. I was wondering if it could be coming from the tape being a bit too "thick". That may explain as well why it was working when plugged, since I guess the voltage would be a bit higher than when coming from the battery itself, so the electro-magnetic field would be higher as well ? it is just a gut feeling and quick assumptions, I haven't checked the actual physic behind that :-)

What are the exact references of this red double sided tape you were mentioning ?


By the way, the digitiser is working fine WHEN plugged in, and not working fine when it is unplugged. Which is a very uncommon problem ...

I found out that :

- When plugged to the wall : working fine all the time

- when not plugged anywhere, working fine for few seconds (like few touches or few swipes), then the digitiser stops responding for a few seconds then I can use it again.

- When plugged to a USB port, working fine for a few seconds more than when it is not plugged anywhere, but still it eventually starts doing the same thing.


This is the tape I use to put the digitizer touch screen glass to stick to the HTC desire 510 screen housing:

Look at this on eBay

Well the digitizer work by current sensing from the finger. Usually it is the opposite way around with touch screen not working on charger and working without charger.

With digitizer they are supposed to work better away from the LCD.

I'm suspecting a damaged digitizer touch screen cable from being pulled too much through the hole or being squished in a way.

Worst case scenario is a bad quality digitizer.


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