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I have a picture and no sound

I'm trying to figure out why I have a picture and no sound can you help either by telling me were to go or what needs to be replaced the television is only 4years old thank you Donna

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Didn’t work for me. Trying again-fingers crossed


Did not work for me. Tv is only 6 months old.


When I have picture with no sound on my Sanyo DP46819, all I do to get sound is pull the plug off the back of the TV or at the cable box, then just re-insert it to get the sound ( audio ) to work. I'm checking out the web for a permanent fix.


What Cable company do you have?


Hey y'all,

I asked this question earlier this month (November 2019).

Because I use xfinity, I decided to simulcast. Listen on my phone while watching TV.

Now, this is to demonstrate how desperate I was.

The ads were coming out for very low tv sets for Black-Friday .

Then on November 13th, 2019; guess what?

The sound came back.

I did nothing after all the tricks failed!

No ,I did not change the sound board. I just resigned myself to wait and ultimately buy another set.

(It started working: who's having an early Christmas)??!!


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rabbithole9270, There could be a few things causing this issue. 1st try a reset disconnect TV from outlet/power, press and hold the power button on the TV itself for 15 seconds. Wait another 5 minutes, plug TV back in and press power once, may be OK now, if not scroll through the trouble shooting link below and try the suggestions.

Chances are audio amp/IC that drives the internal speakers is faulty. Read in forums, it is common in these sets as they use very cheap, low powered amplifier IC's that generally heat up and fail. The IC is located on the mainboard, and requires the board be replaced. You can google search your make, model#, main board to get a price on replacement board and also how to replace board to see if is cost effective to do repair. If not comfortable doing the repair, have a good TV tech. have a look, diagnose and estimate repair. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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Thank you the volume came back on after I shut it off and waited 15 Minutes


rabbithole9270, Donna, that is great to hear your back up and running, thanks for posting back.


This Didn't work for me


Trina Williams what make and model is your TV and what are the issues with it? Besides the things from the answer on here, what have you tried?


Hi I have a 55 inch sanyo TV and it's about 5 years old. Today it of nowhere my sound went out I unplugged it a few times and did the hold the power button and it didn't work Idk what's wrong with it.


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Hi @Debbie mark,

What is the model number of your TV?

What type of connection is used to connect the signal source to the TV, e.g. Coax cable from an aerial, HDMI cable from a "box" of some description or Component (red/blue/green + red white) or Composite (yellow/red/white) cable from a "box".

If from a "box" have you tried a different input or type of input connection or cable to see if it works?

If from a “box” can you connect it to another TV to ensure that it is working OK?

If the TV has an earphones socket have you checked if there is audio available there.

Have you checked the TV sound settings to ensure that the TV speakers are selected and not an external audio system, if this option is available?

What have you checked?

If everything you've tried or what I've suggested still fails to provide audio, as the TV is only 6 months old, consult the manufacturer's warranty provisions for the TV as to what to do to make a claim for a manufacturer's warranty repair or replacement.

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DP50747 is my model number and I have picture but no sound.


@Amanda Johnson

What is the signal source for the TV, an antenna or a "box" of some sort e.g. cable box, media streaming device etc?

Have you tried any of the suggestions above, you didn't say?

If the signal source is a "box" then try connecting a dvd player and check if you have audio when using it.


I have picture, on both my NES and VHS/DVD player. I don't have sound on my NES.



How is the NES connected to the TV, via the audio/video RCA cable or via RF connection?

If audio/video cable have you tried reversing the 2 leads in case the audio lead is faulty? If it is then you should have audio but no video.


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Restart your box!

Box (all boxes and sticks) sometimes overheat. Unplug and restart before the panic.

If restarting the box, not the tv. Didn't work then try another method.

But the control box is most likely the problem.

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Bob, Thanks so much - that worked! I didn't imagine it would be the box. Appreciate your quick response & help. Stay safe & healthy!


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Luckily after reading and rereading all the advice,I felt lil more confident in tackling the problem and what our problem was, my husband turned off the TV speakers internally, so yeppeee, we now got sound

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Just change the batteries on remote


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