How to solder power jack pins when pads are stripped?


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I need to solder that power jack in the pic to that motherboard board for a laptop using those five holes you see on the board. The problem is that the copper pads that are supposed to be on that board have been used up, they're not there anymore. Theres definetely no way to solder the jack onto that board using just the material on those holes, I tried already. I know that there is a way to work around the missing copper pads by scratching off the dark blue and light blue areas of the board to reveal the copper underneath and then soldering either wire or just solder from the jack's pin to the copper area. An example of what I mean can be seen here:

What I'm not sure about is what areas to connect to the pins for my board. I'm guessing if a hole is in a dark blue area, scratch some copper from a dark blue area and connect it there. And if it's on a light blue area, scratch and connect it from a light blue area. Does that sound right? Could someone possibly edit that pic using paint showing where i should scratch and what and where I should connect it to.

One more thing, before I decided to go through with this repair, I spent about a year adjusting the powerjack from outside the laptop in whatever direction that would get a power connection and charge the battery. I know that wasnt the right thing to do but it worked for a year and prolonged this repair. Obviously that fix stopped working which is why im doing this repair now. When I opened up the laptop and got to the circuit board I found that the jack was pretty much already desoldered and loose which was odd and a piece of the circuit board appears to have been broken off:

I dont know how the jack worked for so long if it could detach from the solder at its pins just from the touch of the finger. I think what caused the connection to stop working was the little piece breaking and it was probably me adjusting the jack outside the laptop that caused the little piece to break on the inside of the laptop. I have no idea how long ago that piece broke off or if the jack had been providing power this whole time even without the use of two of its pins but since the jack stopped working recently that makes me think the little piece only broke off recently as well.

My next question is, is it possible that if I ignore the two pins on the jack that are missing a place on the circuit board and just repair the other five pins, that the jack will still make the connection and provide power for the battery just fine? Do you think it would affect charge time if it did infact work? Or should i superglue the little piece back on and scratch off a light blue area (from the unbroken whole part of the board) and give the two pins a connection also? (If yes, could you edit the pic and show what you would recommened.) Would it be inevitable that the little piece would break off sooner or later again and cause the jack to stop working or is that unlikely if soldered correctly?

Please answer as soon as you can and let me know if you require more information, Thank you !

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@watley94 first off don't use any superglue just yet. Attach an image that shows more of the board and where the jack sits. You will have to find the traces to solder some fine wire to and then connect the wires to the jack. The two pins on the right of your image are most certainly not connected, or ground at best. No worries about those. The three center pins are the important ones. If it is a multilayer board the traces are not obvious, the best way of repairing those would be by connecting a wire to the first component of that particular trace. if you can give us any numbers of the board, we can always try to find a schematic to see if we can help you further with that.

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Heres more images:

The jack sits in the top-right corner or top-left corner depending on whether the picture is of the underside or the topside. If the two pins arent needed thats fine with me, thanks for answering that. Photos of the only numbers i could find on the board are also in the link, I hope those are what you need. You probably know better than me whether or not it is a multilayer board, or which component(s) to connect to. Let me know if you need more information, I appreciate you help, and quick response thank you.


You should be okay with just soldering the three "center pins" and the two to the left.


I discovered that the copper pads were not infact stripped but there was a layer of solder residue that prevented new solder from sticking. My scrapping a thin layer of that residue/old solder off and revealing a layer of shiny solder, I was able to apply new solder to the pads and fix my power jack. My laptop is back up and running. Also, you were right, the power jack works just fine without the two little pieces. Thank you for offering your help and responding so quickly, I gave you best answer.


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