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PS4 CUH-1215a optical drive replaced, still won't accept discs, help!

I was playing playing GTA Online happily one night, turned system off via controller menu after closing all applications, went to bed. Went to work the next day, got home, turned system on, tried starting GTA, and got a disc read error. Powered off the system, waited a few minutes, and powered back on. This time I got a message that the disc wasn't inserted, even though it was. I assumed the optical drive crapped out on me, since it wouldn't eject or read the discs... In fact, the optical drive was making no noise at all. So I ordered a new optical drive from eBay. While I was waiting for it to arrive, I tried all the fixes I could find... Booting into safe mode and rebuilding the database, reinstalling the system firmware, to no avail... I haven't tried restoring to factory settings yet, as my wifi is painfully slow, and I don't want to have to wait weeks for the rest of my digital collection to re-download.

Got the new optical drive in, and replaced it using ifixit's handy guide. :) I made sure all the cables were firmly connected, reassembled, plugged in, and prayed... new drive made no noise, and wouldn't feed the disc in. Crap. $100 wasted. I tore EVERYTHING apart this time, and looked over the motherboard, all the ribbon cables, etc... The ribbon cables all LOOK fine to me, no folds or damage other than the usual "guiding" folds. Checked out the motherboard, I see no missing or loose pieces, no scorch marks as if something overheated, nothing... Granted , I don't know EXACTLY what I'm looking at, but everything looked okay to me... I'm at my wit's end... I don't know why 2 optical drives are dead in the water... Do I need to just suck it up and order a new motherboard, or is there ANYTHING else I can try before shelling out more money? Help, please!

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Unfortunately there is likely nothing else you can do but buy a new motherboard. The one thing I will say is to look very closely at the part of the motherboard that is used for the disc drive. It is the part where the ribbon cables plug in. I've fixed several of these that have corrosion in this area and made the disc drive not work.

If that area looks nice and clean it sounds like you've checked everything else that would cause this type of problem so it may take a new motherboard to fix it.

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I was wondering... What is the button battery on the motherboard for? It's located directly under the ribbon cable connector that connects to the motor for the disc drive. Is it possible that the battery is shot, and no power is getting to the motor?


No...that battery is the power for some of the memory. It has nothing to do with the operation of the disc drive. The power for the disc drive comes directly from the motherboard.


Ah, I see. I guess I'll just bite the bullet and shell out for a new motherboard then. Thanks!


No problem. Hopefully you find a good one for a good price.


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Is not quite that simple you will need the old drives oem board to come over to the new Blu ray drive the board will tell you if it is a BDP 10 or BDP 20 you will have to order the corresponding part and use the existing board in your new disk drive as the Board is married to your motherboard.

You said you followed the directions exactly, so I'm guessing you swapped out the board on the optical drive, right?

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Actually, with the 12xx series models, there is no daughter board married to the mother board, so there is nothing TO swap, other than the drive itself. The only board attached to the 12xx series model drives is the PCB control board, basic eject button control.


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