What causes the static?

My HDR120 has developed static.

Is there anything I can do?

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Here are a few suggestions for you to try to see if you can locate the cause of the static in your headphones.

1. Have you tried moving the volume or tune controls back and forth to see if this affects the static? It may be if it does then the controls need cleaning, i.e. the headphones would have to be opened and the components (normally these are some sort of potentiometer) cleaned by using a contact cleaner spray.

2. Has anything changed in your listening location that might provide interference to the signal between the headphones and the base station, e.g. you moved your listening position and there is now a wall or something else between you and the base station, a new appliance has been installed in the room etc.?

3. How is the 'base station connected to the audio source? Is it directly plugged into the audio out socket or is there an adapter cord involved? If an adapter is involved have you tried changing it? If it is directly connected have you tried removing and reinserting the plug to hear if the connection is 'noisy'?

4. Have you tried flexing the audio cable from the base station to the audio source at either end to see if the cord has become fractured?

Try the following to check for this:

While wearing the headphones, firmly grasp the base station audio cable plug while it is in the audio output socket and gently move the cable back and forth where it emerges from the plug to see if there may be a fracture in the cable which is producing the noise, do the same at the base station end where the cable emerges from the unit.

5. Is the noise predominately in the left earphone or the right earphone? It may be a loose connection or a dry solder joint in the wiring to a particular speaker.

6. How long have you had the headphones? There is a 2 year manufacturer's warranty on the product. If yours is still within the warranty period I suggest that you verify the purchase date and then consult the warranty documentation that came with the headphones as to what you have to do to claim a warranty repair or replacement. If you cannot find the documentation here is a link regarding the warranty provisions.


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