I believe I found my...problem

Hello once again! Its your favorite questioneer. This doohickey right here seems to be leaking some kind of toxic waste. Just wanted to get a confirmation

Block Image

. Also should this diode be looking like this. I could probaly google it.

Block Image

Block Image

im refering to the fatter one.. Thanks again for all your feed back.

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The type of diode is known as an stringlass axial glass diode or more commonly , a 'bead' diode.


Unless the 'glass' has turned dark or black, sometimes with these it is a bit hard to tell whether they are good or not. You really have to measure their resistance, in both directions, and then you also have to know the forward resistance value as well to know if they are OK. The forward resistance can be slightly different for the different voltage ratings. The reverse resistance is usually in the megOhms.

I agree with OT03 on the transformer. It looks OK with the brown spot most likely due to heat emanating from a bad winding. Alternatively someone could have accidentally hit the transformer windings insulation with a soldering iron when they were soldering the winding pigtails to the terminal posts. Interesting transformer. By the terminals it looks like there is a choice of two primary windings and a secondary winding with 6 tap offs. But hey that is only guessing and could be totally wrong.

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ok well then what u are saying is that there is nothing inside the yellow, whatever it is, to make it leak . If thats the case then iam no closer to solving this.


MIKE MIKE that is correct. There are just windings without anything to leak.


Hi, Measure the windings with an Ohmmeter. There should be continuity between the two bottom terminals on the left and the two top terminals on the left but NOT (I think) between the the two. i.e if terminals on left in picture count 1 2 3 4 from the bottom up then 1&2 and 3&4 should have continuity but NOT between 2&3. On the right (counting terminals 1 to 7 from bottom up) should be continuity between 1&7 and also between 1&2,1&3,1&4 1&5 and 1&6.

All the readings may be very low resistance as it is a transformer so resistance is not really the criteria. It does show that the windings are not o/c (open circuit) though.

Also there should be no connection between the terminals on the left and the terminals on the right when measured with a meter.

This is all of course if it is wired the way I think it is!


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MIKE MIKE the diode looks ok. That is just the style of it. Not sure what you mean by toxic waste on the transformer. It does look a bit warped but again could be a normal variant. The brown discoloration could be a burn spot from a bad winding.

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