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Turns on but buttons not working

Question guys. All the buttons on my flip 3 suddenly does not work. I can turn it on using the power button but after that, all buttons does not work even powering it off again. What do you think guys? Thanks in advance.

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See My jbl flip 3 was working out really well but until after a while the turn on button stopped working. I can't even turn it on. What I usually do is plug it to my computer and it will turn on but know it won't even turn on. The battery is at 100% and I need it fixed. Anybody know how to fix this?


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Had the same problem. It seems like a design flow.

If you remove the 'grill-like' covering (see Youtube link below) you'll find the buttons are responsive again.

I removed the grill and voila it started responding. But as soon as I put this grill covering back on tight the same problem recurs.

So I've kept the grill covering lose. Not ideal but it continues to work.

If you have any other solutions please let me know.


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Um amigo meu me trouxe uma Flip 3 para verificar este mesmo problema. Notei que o botão de pareamento não respondia ao clicar, era como ele estivesse sempre pressionado.

Então a desmontei parcialmente, igual ao vídeo:

Então, com cuidado para não atingir os circuitos, utilizando uma chave de fenda, puxei um pouco a estrutura em torno do botão de pareamento, liberando a pressão que havia ali, e ela voltou ao normal.

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How can fix it? I have this problem. Help pls

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I have the same problem to idk if it not charging or if it the buttons that dont work how can i fix it

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I had the same problem. Also when the grill is off, it works again. Its a design flaw. Problably a case of creep of the plastic cover.

The cause that the buttons are not working is that the button below the power button is constantly pressed when the grill is on. I found out that it also works when you very slightly lift op the plastic around the jammed button by putting your nail inbetween the plastic and the grill.

When this doesn't work you can try to just slightly release the six screws under the grill.

Combining this solutions I got it working again, with the grill on.

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I faced a same problem

What i did was

If your device is on and the button isnt responding

I reseted (turning off) my jbl flip 3 using the + button by pressing it for sometime until the device turned off (red light appeared)

Wait for a little while, about 10 minutes and try to turn on again using the power button.

If it doesnt work try to plug in on a charger and press + continously until the device turned on by itself(there will be red light) and wait again for 10 minutes.

As i know different device has different period of resseting, so if your jbl is little bit old so you need to wait for little longer.

I hope it'll work . Cause it worked on mine.

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