LG G4 screen turning itself on after timeout

This issue started about 3 or 4 days ago for the record. I have been trying to find a solution online but I have yet to come across a real solution (other than sending it in to LG for 9 days (completely unacceptable)). It happens whenever I turn the screen off, either through the lock button or the double tap. The screen will power off correctly and then turn itself back on within the next second. If i leave the screen to timeout at 15 sec like I have it set to, the phone will dim and then the screen will close, only for the screen to immediately turn itself right back on. This is killing my battery life and making my phone constantly overheat. If someone has found a solution please share it with me, I am reaching my wits end

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Hi, Did you update the phone or install any new apps just before the problem started?


No nothing no update no new apps but here is one thing when i plug it to charger the problem goes away


hi, It's beginning to sound like a battery problem. Just wondering if you charge the battery to 100%, remove the charger and see if it happens then or if it only happens when battery is at a lower %.

You may already be doing these things and it has nothing to do with your problem but every little bit helps. This link explains ways of extending the battery life. Hopefully it may be of interest,



Battery health is good i dont know where the main problem i guess the charger port i guess btw i use samsung charger


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