Why am I still having issues with ice build up?

We have a whirlpool french door fridge/freezer, we have been having issues with ice build up on the back panel in the freezer, we have replaced the thermostat and just last week we replaced the control board, here we are a week later and it is making the loud noise with the build up in the back panel of the freezer again. What else can we possibly need to fix to resolve this issue?

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Hi, What is the model number of the fridge?

Could be the defrost heater is not working. Is the fridge (not freezer) temp OK or is it warm. If it is warmer than it should be it may be that the evaporator fan is not working, due to ice build up or if ice free it may not be working. Can you hear a fan running in the fridge, not at the outside (at back) of the fridge that is a different one, when the door is closed? It should run when the door is closed to get the temp down to the desired level but stop when it is opened to prevent cold air being blown out through the open door.


Model Number is WRF560SEYW04.

Yes I can hear the fan and gets really really loud until the freezer just stops working. The temp of the fridge is fine until it stops running, I do notice that as it continues to get louder and right before it goes out it will start to be not as cool in the fridge area.

Repair men said that if it was not the thermostat, not the control board, that now it would and could only be the wiring in the fridge. I just find that hard to believe it does fine after defrosted for about a week, and then the ice returns and the noise it makes just gets louder until it stops.


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This is what I was talking about first.


There is also this part that detects the temperature of the evaporator coils . It is connected to the control board so that the control board can regulate how often to turn on the fridge. is it running all the time by any chance?


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I do not believe it runs constantly at first, but eventually it does, and is loud. I have replaced the thermostat and the control board. I called a different repair company and the guy said that these are notorious for having evaporator coil issues and that he would of replaced that if the thermostat hadnt fixed it, not sure why the one company though to replace the control board first. At this point I am not sure what to do, does it make senese that it could be that? If 300 will fix it I'd much rather do that then pay 1500 for a new one, but I dont want to pay 300 more and have it not fix the problem. I'm already in 500.00


Hi, You said it takes about a week for the ice to build up. To me that sounds like it is not defrosting. The ice should never build up. That is because there is a defrost heater installed. A competent fridge technician should be able to electrically test (using an Ohmmeter) the defrost heater to ensure that it is OK. The same with the Thermister (temperature sensor). These two items can be tested with a meter to see if they are OK. Seems strange that they do not even mention doing this. If you do call them, ask them before they come out if either of these two parts, especially the first could be the problem of ice build up and could they test them to see if they are OK.


It does take exactly 7 days everytime and then the back panel is full of ice and it starts making a really loud noise and then quits working. I will ask about both of these. I am concerned to continue putting money in it, but it is the evaporator coils that is freezing up, just dont know whats causing it.


Hi, The automatic defrost relies on the control board not turning on the fridge at least every 6 hrs or 8 hours depending on maker and allowing the ice build up to defrost by the freezer temp going up to +34F degrees (from about -4F degree) This takes about 30 minutes. The process of defrosting is helped by the defrost heater to speed it up a little. They do not want your frozen food to thaw. If you have a freezer thermometer, place it in the freezer and keep a check on it. At some point over a period of 8 hours (especially if the fridge is not running) the freezer temperature should move from about -4F up to +34F or thereabouts. If it does this and the ice is not melting enough before the fridge starts again the build up will occur.


i replaced the control board already and exactly 1 week later the build up on the panel was back, same with the thermostat. So I guess the last option would be that evaporator coil? Is that what your saying? Sorry if I'm not getting it.


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