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Why is my MacBook not drawing power from the (new) battery?


Suddenly (about 8 weeks ago) my Macbook stopped working when the AC-Adapter was not plugged in. When it was, every worked fine, the battery would even charge to 100 %, vbut as soon as I unplugged it, the power would go completely off. I have since tried the following:

- purchasing a new charger cable (offbrand)

- install a new OEM battery (bought it from iFixit)

- replaced the I/O board.

Now my Mac says "replace now" in the battery status dialogue, and is still only drawing power from the charger, not from the battery. Same effect if I switch to the old battery, so the initial problem is still not solved. Of course I have reset the SMC (multuple times both with the device powered and not powered) and the PRAM.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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No accident I am aware of. The battery has been changed once by a licensed apple repair shop, worked fine until now.

Info from Coconut Battery:

Manufacture Date: 2015-08-18

Cycle Count: 0

OS X Battery Status: Poor

Battery Temperature: 28.6 C

Chargin with: 0 watts

Power Adapter: Connected

Age: 432 days

Manufacturer: Dynapack

Model: bq20z451

Loadcycles: 0

Power Adapter: 45 watts

Battey failure: No errors

Serial: C013342016FF90MAS


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-No traces of liquid damage.

-No apparent physical damage.

-Tried with original battery and 2 new batteries.

-Battery is charging but laptop is not working from the battery, just from charger.

-SMC reset did not fix it.

In my personal opinion, I think you exhausted all the trouble shooting steps you could perform at a DIY level and did a good job so far.

Broadly put, Iam guessing you have an issue with your power and charging circuit. Specifically, the laptop is not switching from charger to battery when the charger is disconnected.

This is usually a staightforward repair for someone with Mac board level repair experience. It is not in my opinion a DIY repair.

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Hey Rany,

Thanks for your judgement. I think we will rather look for a new one since it's pretty old already, but good to know there is nothing left to do in a DIY way. Also thank you for the cost estimate, that is super helpful!


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Has the machine had any accident?

To get a better idea of what's going on, download and run Coconut battery and let us know you results:

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Coconut is feeling you that your battery has no cycles on it, Click on the battery icon in Coconut battery to get to the charging information.



do you mean this info?

current charge: 4825 mah

full charge capacity: 7251 mah

design capacity: 6700mah


No. Is it charging? How much power is it drawing? Put the old battery back in and see what results you get with it,



Here is the info for the old battery:

current charge: 5660mah

full charge capacity: 6550mah

design capacity: 6700mah

manufacture date: 2014-05-26

cycle count: 280

os X battery status: poor

battery temeperature: 26.5 C

chargin with 0 Watts

power adapter: connected

Battery Info-Dialogue in coconutBattery:

Manufacturer: Simplo

Model: bq20z451

Serial: D8642220B0SDKRNAK

Battery Failure: No errors

Power Adapter: 45 Watts

It still says "change now" and "Power supply: AC adaptor" (or something similar, my OS is german, I just translated). So it seems the battery gets charged, but the mac is not using it to get power from it.


I don't think the issue is with your battery. You still have not gotten to the Coconut battery window that states if it is charging and how much power it is drawing. You original battery only has 280 cycles (maybe a quarter of its expected life).


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