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I purchased this camera (Canon SX600 HS) roughly a 1+1/2 years ago. It hasn't seen a lot of use throughout, I've never dropped it or significantly impacted it in any way.

I'm not really sure what the warranty situation is at this stage. I'll have to find out later on.

I attempted to use it today and found it's not turning on at all. At first I thought the battery might need charging despite having charged it the day before. Currently it is reading 4.12V and it's specified at 3.7V. So I figure it's not an issue with the battery. I've looked at the contacts and it appears to be fine.

I've read that there is a micro switch on various cameras that prevents the camera from turning on if the hatch isn't closed. I've had a look and can't easily see a switch. There appears to be a hook on the lid of the hatch that forks into the chassis, I don't know if that's supposed to trigger a micro switch. It's hard to tell.

I read on the official website that a loose button may be a factor, although I've checked that and it appears fine. I attempted to switch it on without the cover plate.

I'm a little disappointed. I've never been all that impressed at the photos it has taken. (Saw some amazing video on YT reviewing it) My family/parents had a much cheaper 8MP camera that seemed to take better photos over all in my opinion. For it to have failed is a bit of a blow for me, 2 years ago I could have shrugged it off and bought a new one or had it repaired with blinking. However I can no longer easily afford to replace it and it was a modestly expensive camera (maybe not by enthusiasts standards, I'm fairly casual) for what it does, considering I could have gotten a mid range smartphone for the price

I've had a few knocks over recent months, any advice to fix this would be appreciated. There's very little documentation I could find on this camera (If I can get a hold of the manual that would be awesome). Seems that it's been phased out of the market as well. The only thing I can think of is the micro switch, but I'd need a reference/docs to find it. I can hear a rattle with a mild shake, even if I hold the shutter/cover and battery holster. Is there any way to force it to power on so I can isolate if it's physical or an electronic fault?

I guess if worst comes to worst I can live without it, I'd like to try to fix it possible. So some help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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On the off chance that anyone runs across the same problem with this camera (SX600 HS) not turning on. I'll write my fix.

I felt compelled to try and see if the camera would boot from USB cable. Just to rule out that it wasn't the battery or an electronic fault. I don't recall but I don't think this camera is powered by the USB bus alone (confirmed just now, that is the case) and requires the battery, so I left that in but also attached the cable and pressed the power button as before and for whatever reason it triggered it into working order. The camera now switches on as normal, even without the cable attached. Can't imagine why but it worked.


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