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How to clean iPhone speakers?

I just recently dropped the bottom portion of my Iphone 4 into a bowl of duck sauce...yes duck sauce..-__-. I tried to thoroughly clean it with a q tip and a brush, like apple told me to, and now the speakers sounds nasty. They sound scratching and not as clear as they used to. Any ideas as to how to fix this? Are my speakers permanently damaged from the duck sauce? Or is it just interfering with the sound? Please help...

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I have the same problem so like my small pocket was full of slime and I put it in there without realizing there was slime after i toked it out the sound was Soo low and scratchy I tried q tips and blow it out help please


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iFixit has a guide to removing the speaker enclosure -- follow that to remove the speaker enclosure and see if you can clean it any better once it's out of the case. If not ... well ... at least you know how to replace it. :)

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I just split duck sauce on my iPod and now my home button sticks what should I do?

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If your going to the bother of opening it up just buy a replacement speaker they are only about £3 $5..

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I dropped my iPhone 4S in a bowl of Beef Stroganoff Hamburger Helper. I thought my phone was toast. After reading a forum about how to clean your iPhone if it ever got any greasy fluids in the speaker, someone suggested I use a can of compressed air, and much to my surprise, the sound came back and IMHO, I think it sounds clearer. This may be a late answer but I hope it will help anyone else that would run into this problem. Good luck!

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I got my ear speaker loud again by using harsh and thin brush.


  1. turn off your phone
  2. open it
  3. disconnect screen from the phone body
  4. use vacuum with thin soft nozzle to clean all the dust
  5. disassemble speaker part and take out sensor and front camera from it's housing
  6. apply brush from outside intensively.
  7. you should be able to see the light through the speaker hole
  8. vacuum speaker hole after cleaning
  9. you might as well want to clean other parts of your phone. You can do it now. Just be careful.
  10. assemble everything back
  11. turn it on and test it. screen should be fully operational, as well as the home button. If something is not right - turn it off again and make sure you have everything connected properly and completely.
  12. try calling somebody and have them speak to you. Now you can compare loudness of your ear speaker.

Instructions on how to take your phone apart you can find at this website.

Hopefully it will help you solve quiet ear speaker issue. Before applying this method, I had big troubles hearing people on the phone, especially while being in noisy places.

Good luck!

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uninstall the APP, so your iphone is clear.

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your a @##@*&% fool and your really *#$%^@^ easy to fool. i apologize for my language and gesture but please if no one was to tell you this you would continue life as a disaster. Duck sauce - anyone to come across this thread is now dumber once following your method of cleaning an iphone and may God have mercy on your soul.

-Billy Madison

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