sound cutting in and out

Can this be because a loose connection

Update (09/21/2016)

Its the end that connects to the headphones not the jack.

I was thinking about getting the ath ad900x to replace them but im use to my closed, and im worried about the sound leak and i dont want them to drive my fiance nutts when im sleeping. Is there a good closed back headphones u can recommend similar to the a900x

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Have you proved that it is your headphones and not your audio device by trying another set of headphones in the audio device?

Is the sound cutting out in both speakers (L + R) or only one?

If one or both it could be a number of possibilities.

1. Fracture in the cable

(To test this, hold jack firmly where it plugs into the audio device, then gently flex the cable where it leaves the back of the jack and see if the sound breaks up. Bit harder to do at the headphones end, but gently flex the cable where it goes into the headphones and see if the sound breaks up.)

2. Worn jack. Over time the jack wears down, due to insertion and removal from the socket of the audio device.

(to test this, slowly rotate the jack inside the audio socket and see if the sound breaks up.

3. Loose or dry joint cable connection inside the headphones

4. Loose or dry joint connection on the speaker terminal.

Hopefully this is of some help.

Update (09/18/2016)

Hi Ricky D,

Which end is the problem? If it is at the jack end it most probably either a fracture in the cable near the jack or a loose connection to what is known as the tip of the jack. The easiest way to fix this is to buy a replacement 3.5mm (1/8") jack, cut the cable away from the old jack, leave a little bit of cable connected to the old jack, about 1-2", just enough to see the wire colours (after you remove the sheath) so that you can use an Ohmmeter to see which colour goes to which connection in the jack. there are three connections tip, ring and sleeve. The tip is the left speaker, the ring is the right speaker and the sleeve is the common. Connect the cable onto the new jack with the colours going to the appropriate connections.

Here is an image to explain the connection.

Block Image

Here is a link that shows how to do it. if you don't have the tools or the experience to do this, ask around, someone you know or they know might be able to do it for you.

If it is at the headphone end you'll have to open the headphones where the cable goes in take a note of the wiring termination/ colours and cut the cable where you think the break is and reterminate the cable back again

Update (09/21/2016)


If you want to keep the headphones and you have ensured that the problem is in the cable at the headphones end, as I said earlier you will need to open the headphones cup so that you have access to the cable where it is terminated in the headphones.

Once open take a picture of the cable wires and where they are terminated, then unterminate them and pull the cable out of the headphones. Cut the cable to just before where you think the fracture is, strip the sheath to expose the wires (only strip as much as what was exposed on the original end), then use an Ohmmeter to confirm continuity of all the wires from the jack to the end of the cable. When you have proved that the cable is OK to the end, pass it back through the access hole and into the headphones and reterminate the wires exactly as they were before. Use the picture you took before as a guide.

Before you reassemble the headphone cup test that it is working OK. If it is reassemble the headphones. Job done!

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It's just the left speaker thats cutting in and out. When i move the cable it does it. Is this an easy fix, or will i need to buy a new pair. I really don't have much money to buy them again, so id have to buy a budget pair. Im hoping i can fix it


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