Can I upgrade the drive?

Just bought this: Lenovo Yoga 300-11IBR 80M1 - 11.6 as my son's first laptop. I thought it was a bargain and found out it was because the system drive is a 32gb one. With Windows 10 Home on it that actually leaves just over 8gb for apps and files!

I thought it was an msata drive and that I just could hop on to Amazon and buy a bigger one. I then found the full spec online, and it is actually an eMMC drive, embedded in the motherboard!

My question is the following: has anyone opened that laptop? will I found a msata slot or a sata connector in it - or am I stuck with this ridiculously small storage?


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Thanks for the answer. The laptop is a disappointment, I bought it in a rush in time for a birthday. As soon as a few programs are installed and the Windows updates start kicking up, the laptop will be unusable... They should not be allowed to sell laptops with such configuration.


If you have a money-back option, i suggest you utilize it and go for a Yoga-300 model 80M100TPHV. This has a 500g mechanical HDD which you can replace with an SSD and buy a cheap USB enclosure for the HDD to use it as external storage. I'm not sure if the 11IBR model even has a SATA/M.2/mPCI-e port available (or it has been removed from the mainboard). Even if a port is available, it might not recognize an expansion SSD/HDD. A good starting point is to look at the UEFI setup program: if you can alter the boot device options (even if only the eMMC is present), you may be able to get it to work with 2 drives, but there is no guarantee for it to work and even flashing the UEFI with a possibly cooked version may be involved (say goodbye to warranty)


The SATA connector not enough.


Can someone also help me i have sata connector and hdd 2.5 but when i try to insert it the main 32gb drive wasnt able to detect ang it will detect the new hardrive .

Any ways that i can copy its original os to the hard drive that i connected .



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Here is a link to the service manual for Lenovo Yoga 300 11IBR and 11IBY.

It is handy in that it shows how to disassemble the device. It also gives the part numbers of the individual FRU's (components).

You say, that in your device the storage is permanently mounted on the systemboard. From the service manual it appears that the storage types are dependent on what systemboard is installed (see p.61-62 for all the systemboard types).

To my mind the easiest way to overcome your problem is to buy the largest capacity SD/SDHC/SDXC/MMC card e.g. 64GB,128GB etc, that you can afford and insert it in the card reader slot and use that as a second "drive".

You could try replacing the systemboard with one that uses a different storage method, using the part numbers from the manual (p.61-62) to find a suitable replacement type, but this may involve more than just a board change as there may be power supply considerations and other factors coming into play, I don't know.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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The maintenance manual gives advices to change a HDD inside the yoga 300 series, so there %&^* be a bay to add one, maybe lacking the cable to attach it to the main board.


Hi @ Fabrice VOIT,

There well may be but given the number of motherboards available (p61-62 of the manual), one assumption may be that the ones shown without a presumed eMMC storage, i.e. not showing either 32G or 64G are the ones that handle a standard type of HDD/SSD. You would have to open the laptop to find out one way or the other.


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Buy a ssd on Aliexpress and a sata cable adapter (specially for this pc). Open the bottom and put it inside the dedicated bay. Near to the upper left corner of the battery, you'll see a sata connector on the board. It's labelled. No problem. My idea is run it under Ubuntu instead of W10 crap. Guys on forums say it's okay... we'll try.

Good luck.

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But Yoga 300 IBR have only place for slot sata.....


in my machine there is NO sata connector ... just an empty space where it should go ... So I recommend before ordering cable and SSD check if the Sata connector is there or not.


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