Computer froze during restore, what to do?

My Asus N56VZ froze at 66% while restoring. As I knew it wasn't going to change anytime soon, I decided to do the only thing I could do, and hope that a reset might do anything. Now when I turn it on, it loads to the asus screen, but then it loses the screen, and just has a dark screen with a loading symbol. I have had hours of the computer trying to load, with no luck. Any thought on how I might be able to work around this?

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Hi, What OS is installed? Have you tried the repair option with a Windows installation disc? If you have Win10 here is a link describing some recovery options


I have Windows 10, but the restore would bring it to Windows 7. The problem is that I can't get far enough to load a Windows installation disk. The computer just tries to boot up and gets stuck at some sort of loading screen now


Hi, Try changing the boot order to cd first. Not sure with Asus whether you press F11 or not when you first power up to gain access to the boot order menu. Alternatively get into BIOS (press Del or F2 - again not quite sure it varies with makers) then alter boot option to suit.

Did you see in the link the section to create installation media which says "repair your PC" as step 8


So I have 2 boot options in BIOS. Windows boot manager, and "P2: MATSHITABD-CMB UJ141AF". I don't have an option to book from disk, however I have the option enabled to boot from it, so it's not disabled. Is my computer not recognizing that the restore disk is in the cd drive?



Is the cd-rom the "first" option in the boot list? If not see if you can change the order so that it appears first in the list. PCs always try to boot from the first device listed and will only step to the next in line if the first device is not detected.


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