Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus.

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iPhone not turning on (Battery Replacement, Now Any Battery)

**None of the parts I used are from iFixit**

Hello, I have a very complicated question. Recently my phone was water damaged, some of the touch screen weren't working, Touch ID stopped working. Battery was dead. I took it to a repair shop and they discovered all this stuff, they replaced the battery, Everything was fine, except parts of the touch screen wasn't fully function able and Touch ID.

The Battery they gave me was very poor and drained extremely fast. Soon after I broke my screen and the touch screen failed. I bought 2 parts.

1: Battery

2: Screen replacement

As I was doing the repair I switched my screen first, transferred all the parts from the broken screen to the new screen. The new screen worked fine (kinda). It was a little hard to touch places, could of been the new screens fault.

Anyways, I then went to replace the battery. After I replaced it with the new battery the phone wouldn't turn on. I switch back to the other battery and the phone didn't turn on. I went to the phone fixing place and they tried to see what was wrong with it. They tried 3 screens and 3 batteries and the phone would not turn on.

I'm pretty stumped right now and need a lot of help. The place I went to to get my phone checked out said it might be something to do with the Power Management Chip or something. I would really like some other suggestions on what this might be.

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I forgot to mension that the phone was sucked from moisture at the repair shop to get it looked at. When the phone didn't turn on he said it could of been leftover moisture that might of caused corrosion.


Also when I turn on my phone I do not hear the faint sound of ringing that electronics make. I do feel heat in some places when I plug the phone in.


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Use this guide asap. Hopefully the people in the shop weren't stupid and cleaned the corrosion.

Guide:Electronics Water Damage

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Sounds like a pretty classic case of water damage. More than likely his display is bad, thats easy enough to fix. Also might want to clean the display connections thoroughly with 99% IPA.

As for the battery issue, more than likely one of the power ICs is corroded or damaged. My guess would be the phone was powered on while the internals were still wet and he popped a power IC. Should be an easy enough fix following the guide posted.


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Hi ,

When a phone is water damaged then it's something that should handed with EXTREME care , all board chips should be cleand from water with a special liquid and then drying every thing and then cheaking for a visual damage after all this .. Turning on the phone , so you can't do nothing by your self now cause it's something with the board , and by the way..

Touch functionality has nothing to do with water (if screen can turn on then touch is okay) so it's definitely a problem with touch ic's

Visit a professional repairs shop ..

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Are you serious..... You just said touch functions have nothing to do with water.... ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!!? ITS WATER DAMAGE! Use your common sense!


yea...Murtada has no idea what he's talking about.

Touch malfunctions are about the most common issue to see with water damage. Just because a screen turns on does not mean that touch is ok. Its two completely different connections and systems.


Thanks for the information..


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