Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus.

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Battery Draining Extremely fast

Well that's the case, my battery drains too fast, from 100% to 20% in around 4 hours (1 hour of use); i can usually see the percentage going down..

let me give some details, the phone suffered an accident and the screen broke, since then, the Wifi antenna failed (and will stay grayed out, with a spinning bluetooth) and with his extreme drain, first i replaced the battery by myself with an alternative spare, the original battery was swelled, but the problem persisted even with the new one, since the screen was broken i didn't used the phone, so couple of days ago took the phone to an authorised iPhone service center to get the screen fixed.

Now i see the battery still drains, and well this all the info i could gather.

- Haven't replace the wifi antenna, so it might have something to do with.

- The Battery drains even when the phone's off (and almost at the same rate)

- Each % point last a couple of mins at top; but, the first 1% (100%-99%) last much more than the rest.

- The battery has been recalibrate multiple times.

- And as the picture in the links shows, coconutBattery says that this battery has just 1 loadclycle (even when i've calibrate it many times). this was corroborated by the team working on the authorised service.

-----coconut Battery status/ loadcycles, state and draining ratio ----

I really believe that the new battery is not working either, so i will get it replaced this week; but there's a chance that the real problem might be a logic board short circuit...


so any thoughts?'''

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IMO, it's a logic board problem in the wattage and voltage regulator units. They're letting too much of the total wattage flow at a single time.

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There's anything to do about? because the phone is way out of apple warranty or applecare.

edit: Just today got the replacement new battery; haven't calibrated it, but seems like the problem persist; next week im getting new bluetooth/wifi antenna in order to discard a drain for a short circuit there


Use of bad quality wall or car chargers may have contributed to the fault of this issue as they can damage the power components of the logic board and could cause the battery to swell.


The new battery last longer than before, but still less than it should, also, replaced the wifi antenna, and without reseting the phone the wifi problem persist.

Yesterday i opened the phone and charged it to see were it would get hot; and something interesting happened, for a while it (specially when connected) the phone will leak direct energy flux to the case, and if i touch the naked metal case i could feel the electricity, after a while it stopped.

with my bare hands tried to feel the places were the iphone gets hotter while charging and using celullar data; and well as it would naturally happens the A8 chips gets hot; so maybe i should find a way to take the logic board out and try the same, to feel if the WI-FI module gets hot, because i got the feeling that the grayed wifi and spinning bluetooth it's related to the battery leaking; but still is hard to know without a infrared thermometer or a multimeter tester


I think i have the same problem, but haven't found any solution yet. The only thing working for me is having it on low power mode 24/7. In my case, this cools the phone down significantly and maintains the charge more efficiently.


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I have similar issue-

phone suddenly started draining battery fast, it wont last a few hours.

even on low power mode

updated ios twice

switched battery

same issues persist

noticed that the battery % can fluctuate a few % up and down when turning on from home button.

not noticing any heat. Charging is very slow.

Otherwise the phone is fine? Any ideas?

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Ok I just started having this problem my battery drains very fast I recalibrated it and it's draining even faster I'm thinking its a safe bet that I've managed to damage the battery somehow but I don't have the money or time to fix it. I've tried multiple restores so I'm assuming the battery is shot now even though it was fine a few days ago my advice don't ignore the problem when it first presents itself. As for today yesterday I decided to recalibrate my battery so I drained it completely than drained it further the process took until after midnight from when the phone died around almost 6pm. Than I plugged it back in let it fully charge went to take it off the charger this morning and within less than 3 minutes I was almost down to 89 percent. If problem persists it looks like il be asking for a new phone for Christmas. Also if you updated to iOS 10 they addressed this issue

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Hello. i had the same problem before. i did everything that i saw on google.

but it didnt work.

the only one that i know that i fixed the problem is when i take off my iphone casing.


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