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Out of ideas, any help on repairs/upgrade Asus Ultrabook?

I've had my Asus Zenbook UX32A for 3 years and I have a few issues for it which I cannot solve at all.

1) It takes so long to boot (5 mins). It displays the windows 10 start up for a lot of this time, just seems to be very slow. I've minimised the apps on startup and performed a safe mode and clean boot to see if anything arises and nothing. On the odd occasion, it comes up with 'Driver Power State Failure' which I understand as a software issue? I've tried many troubleshooting methods for this online without much success. I usually just turn it off and boot up again which works.

2) It cannot wake from hibernation at all, I now turn off screen instructions for when the lid is closed and I now just turn it off by holding the power button.

3) It is very slow at processing. I have gone through my files and my hard drive isn't clogged with unnecessary files. I must admit I have played a lot of Football Manager (a simulation game) which is heavy on processing large databases. I wonder if I have just worn it down by long hours playing this.

4) It gets pretty hot often in the middle and right side particularly, I have recently blew into the fans to clear dust if that was the issue which seems to have eased the issue significantly. There are suggestions to clean Ultrabooks but I wouldn't feel comfortable as they seem so compact and I may struggle to put it back together!

5) Some keys don't work (up arrow, delete, and left Ctrl buttons). Not essential but a little annoying.

So my question is, I've tried a lot now to try and solve my issues I'm starting to think it's a hardware issue. I am out of my warranty, what is the best thing to do? Would a probable repair be expensive if anyone was to merely speculate what it could be? I went to my local PC shop and they wanted to charge £60 just to examine it, which is not an option for a student :(

Reason I ask all of this is this... my options.

A) Repair and keep or sell

B) Sell as is (not sure how much it would devalue in its current condition.

C) Upgrade and sell under either option.

Also, I'm not the most PC literate, I can follow online troubleshooters fine, apologies because I doubt I'll understand jargon.

Thanks for reading!

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2 Answers

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i will try to answer all your questions.

I had the same issue with number 1 and 2 :

Most of the time this is an windows 10 problem. did your pc had win8 on it in the beginning?

The hibernate thing was a problem with win 10 for sure. I had to find manually for new drivers and firmware.

You can try to open your zenbook. but , like you sayed, its hard for beginners. there are guides you can follow here on ifixit.

what i would do :

first open the zenbook and clean it out ( dust it out) remove the fan and cooling pads ( i have guides to do this as well) clean the fan and cooling pads ( remove the thermal paste (grey color) on the pads with isopropyl alcohol ( it is very cheap at the drugstore) .

clean the GPU and CPU as well. ( you can upgrade the cpu as well, just look for your laprop specifications, you ll find this at the manufacture website).

put new thermal paste on the CPU and GPU ( just a drop is enough.)

put everything back togheter. upgrade the ram is possible.

if your keyboard is broken, put a new one in it while the laptop is open..

doing these steps i think it would be arround 50 euro ...( thermal paste, isopropyl and a new keyboard.. no upgrade included)

after this i woul do a CLEAN install on the hard dsik or SSD. ( i suggest you use a clean install with win 7 or 8 )

after the clean install and install al the drivers, keep it for a week or so and test if you suffer new problems ... if not.. your good to go :) . otherwise contact us again ;)

Kind regards,


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Hi Kevin,

I think my issues pre-date windows 10 but I'm not completely sure.

Thanks for the advice on repairs, I'm a little scared about going ahead with it, so may seek a second opinion from a PC repair shop and hope they can help me with your input into what my issue may be.

Would you have any idea the impact on the laptop's value with my current issues. Used Ultrabooks still sell for around £200-300.

Thanks a lot for your advice, I really appreciate it!


No problem.

Can you go back to win 8 , maybe a clean install with win 8 ? try that.

But i think the heating up and the keyboard are hardware problems..

If you sell it : i think in euro you'll get 200-250 euro. ( in this condition)

but i reccomend to do the clean install ...




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First of all try to solve #1 problem and other problems will be gone 90%.

All of this may be caused because of dead or dying built-in SSD (24Gb).

Please, read my solution for that problem:

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