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stuck in dfu with itunes error 4005

Ok so nearly two weeks ago i plugged my phone into the headphone jack of some old stereo system my uncle has, i was trying to set it up and in the process the phone fell out of my hand, i was sitting down so it was about a 2-3 foot drop. i picked the phone up and it was on the boot up screen (white background and Black apple), it was taking abnormally long to boot up so i held the home and power button, which i now know was a TERRIBLE idea. fast forward to the present and the phone is stuck in DFU mode, when i try to restore it the screen turns on with a black background and white apple and then iTunes gets stuck on "waiting for iPhone" and gives me the error 4005. I've tried changing the USB cable, changing the USB port, using a different windows PC and even a mac, all with the latest version of iTunes and no it was not a host file thing. I've tried every software solution that my research has brought me and the problem still persists so that leads me to believe it's a hardware issue so i'm wondering what part is it that i have to replace to fix it, i'm a bit of a tinkerer and i'd rather avoid getting price gouged at a repair shop. Sorry if the post was too much of a read but i figured it'd be best to provide all the details. Thank you in advance for any and all help

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I had the same... and a technician told me that most of the time it is due to a faulty "cheek detector" the one that turns off the screen when taking the phone to the ear. I worked right on the minute he changed it.


I could fix error 4005 on my iTunes/iPhone following these steps:


- disconnect iPhone from PC

- close iTunes

- PC > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > Apple Mobile Device Support

- Apple Mobile Device Support > repair

- Wait 1 minute.

- disconnect all USB devices currently not used

- connect iPhone using original USB cable, connected DIRECTLY to the PC, no external USB Hub

- start iTunes

- iTunes should ask to recover the iPhone > recover

- Hope...

If they don't work, read this guide.


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Here are a few more ideas for you to try.

Restore iPhone in DFU Mode - Try to restore your iPhone in DFU mode in order to fix iTunes error 4005. Here are the steps to enter in DFU mode:

Connect your device to the Computer.

Turn off your device.

Hold Power for 3 seconds

keep holding Home and hold Power for 10 seconds.

Now release Power, but keep holding Home.

iTunes will detect your iPhone in Recovery mode. Now you can start the restore process.

Replace your Battery - In some cases, replacing the battery can fix the iTunes error 4005. The main problem is because the battery have a low power. We recommend you to replace with a original battery.

Replace the Dock connector - If you used some non-original chargers, your dock connector can be damaged and have a bad communication with the usb cable. By replacing the connector, the communication will be perfect and you will fix the error 4005. Make sure you are using a original certified cable when you restoring your device via iTunes.

Restore Without a LCD - Disconnect the display from your device completely, connect to iTunes and try to restore it. If you have hardware problem in the display, this will bypass the problem. If you still get a Error 4005, then move to the next method.

Replace Proximity Sensor Flex Cable - Try to replace the Replace Proximity Sensor flex to fix Error 4005. If you still get a error 4005, try to replace the front camera flex cable also.

Remove compass IC - The compass chip can be the main problem you getting iTunes error 4005. Try to remove the Compass iC to get rid of this issue. We must to note that you need to have a technical skills to do this method.

Conclusion: Usually, these methods would totally heal the Error 4005 issue on iTunes. However, in case the problem still persists it’s suggested that the Apple device is taken to an Apple service center immediately. Don't forget to share this article and post a comment below.

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WOW!!!!! How come out of 6 days of searching I only come to this now?! Removing the screen worked like a charm! Thank you so much for this. If I could click the upvote/"find this helpful" button one million times I would.


This problem is most likely a failure on the NAND, it could be the U2 IC chip as it sounds like the device is not receiving enough power to power on whilst charging. You could take it to a board specialist to reball the chip using an smd rework station or you can replace the logic board. Just bear in mind that if you replace the logic board you need to ensure that you get the home button that comes with it otherwise your old home button will not allow Touch ID to function. Apple don’t really do these repairs they usually do replacements but if you’re keen on getting this iPhone fixed please consider what I have told you. Hope you can resolve the issue soon my friend. Best wishes


However it might not necessarily be a hardware error as you mentioned that the device is powering onto the Apple logo. This is probably a corrupt chip (A8 chip) which is the hard drive of the iPhone. Normally I would recommend Dr Fone Wondershare to fix the system but Apple have encrypted the firmware on these chips in a certain way to prevent a 3rd party from repairing the system so it could be the U2 IC chip, RF Qualcomm Power management chip or it could be corrupt firmware.


Thanks Jim disconnecting the screen worked for me, but does this mean i need a new one?


Wow! Disconnecting the screen also worked for me! For those who are afraid of disconnecting the screen yourself, check out this video It was simple and fast. Thank you Jim!!!


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My advice is take it to get the chip reballed

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I am having the same issue as mentioned above.

Apple Service centers are also not able to solve the issue.

Apple Sucks


Well this happens with all manufacturers. There is no perfect electronic device!


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If you tried the step without the screen and still error 4005

Why the step after with the flex cables?

They in the screen???

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I've tried all the steps and still nothing. Screen disconnected, itunes recognizes phone but keeps getting 4005 error. The serial number is n/a. Out of warranty and apple wants $390 to just look at it plus shipping!


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Wheelie bin time i think

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Hi guys,

I am having the same problem. I have an iPhone 5c that is stuck in DFU mode and doesn't reboot properly. The strange thing is that it's like dead when connected to my Macbook Pro 2016 (using original USB-C to Lightning cable), but when connected to power, it turns on and reboots constantly on the apple logo.

I tried the following things without success:

- booting it up attached to the current and with the battery disconnected

- changing motherboard with another iPhone 5c.

- connecting the battery of an iPhone 5s instead of the (maybe dead) original one

- connected to my Mac without screen

- changed the original, cracked screen with an aftermarket one

- changing Mac with different macOS.

Needless to say that I let i charge up for while before doing everything and that the ports on my macbook are working (tried all 4 of them).

I really don't know what it could be. Maybe a faulty flex cable or the lightning port?

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