Nexus 5x overheating -I suspect some kind of hardware problem

My phone lately is getting hot extremely easily. After 1-2 minutes of internet browsing or playing a game it starts getting hot from the back side next to the fingerprint sensor and the heat is also transfered to the screen. I can actually feel my fingertips being a little burned during texting. I checked the temperature with CPU z and the various sensors were indicating 50-60 degrees Celsius. Also I have noticed that the phone has become very noisy. It sounds like a wooden floor when I press the back cover. Last but not least 2 days ago while I was cleaning it with a cloth I noticed that if u press at the area next to the sensor it feels like there is an internal bump {to feel this bump someone should apply force at both sides of the phone). There are not so many apps that I'm currently using and I know the problem can't be because of an app in the background since I'm using greenify to kill them. I suspect that there must be a problem with the SoC or something that stops my phone from dispering the heat properly. I havent noticed any problems with battery or performance related issues. Please help me

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