Second generation of the Fairphone, made by the social enterprise with the same name. Released in December 2015. Model number: FP2-XCVR

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Why does my phone sometimes just turns off itself?

Sometimes phone turns off and I have to replace battery and turn power on. Why does phone turns off itself ?

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Some Fairphone 2 devices are suffering from an issue which we call random rebooting – the unplanned and unwanted rebooting of your phone. You have contacted us informing us that your phone is affected by this problem.

We are investigating this issue and fixing it is one of our top priorities right now. Our aim is to come with a solution as soon as possible. We kindly ask you to wait until we have this solution available, and once we have news we will inform you via a new e-mail.

In some cases it might also be related to the use of the 4G network, could you please try to disable 4G and revert to 3G to see if it helps?

You can do that in ​Settings​ > ​More​ > ​Mobile networks*​ > select your SIM card > select ​*3G (preferred)/2G*​ as the the ​*Preferred network type​.

Also, have you tried without any SIM card in your phone? We've seen some old/dirty SIM cards causing similar issues in the past. Finally, have you also tried in airplane (flight) mode?

With a previous software update (the latest is Fairphone 2 OS 1.6.2) we introduced improvements to the device stability. Please make sure that your device is up-to-date (see our guided tutorial on how to update your Fairphone 2 and our related support article if you need more help updating).

If you could give us some feedback some time after having installed the system update, it would help us a lot! We've come up with a|more detailed form on the random reboots] for you to give your feedback.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and help.

If you still experience many reboots, contact Fairphone customer support:

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I have had this problem too. The phone seems to get stuck into thinking that the battery is very low, even though it isn't - hence it keeps shutting down.

What seems to sort it out is removing the battery for 10 mins (i.e. longer time) and then replacing it and fully charging it.

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I have to open my phone several times a day in order to restart it. Sometimes it even starts an update while rebooting the phone that takes about 15-20 minutes. This is very annoying especially if you are on the road and in need of google maps and so on.

Also the bumper starts to break due to the many times I need to do a forced reboot by removing the battery for a few seconds.

I really tried to spread the word about fairphone, but there is no chance to even hide the shut downs in front of friends since it happens in the middle of showing them something on your phone. I am still about to convince myself from this being an actual great product, but sometimes it is really hard when you are close to throw it out of the window.

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Have you heard about the "piece of paper/card" trick? Some Fairphone 2 have batteries that are slightly too small and so any movement causes the battery to temporarily disconnet. So put a small (0.5cm) piece of paper at the bottom of the battery to keep it firmly in place.

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