Long story display fail

Apologies for the length of this i want to be thorough so you clever people may be able to help me

Ok so about a week ago I thought I would tackle a niggling issue with 2 of my 3 usb ports that would not allow connection to be made I had tried things before like deleting drivers I think they are that had yellow exclamation marks on them in the device manager but never seemed to work anyway I Googled how to fix it and one forum said to add a I think it's called "file" to my registry thing (regedit) called "USB" then add other things inide it can't recall what it was called then give it a value of 1 which I did

Maybe a minute after I did that the screen started to have all these crazy lines running horizontally alng the screen and vibrant patches of colour would pop up... I thought mayb there was water damage to the usb ports and "forcing" them to work may have caused this problem i tried to delete what I did but the computer display was getting worse so I turned it off and on again... While loading, the toshiba loading screen came up without a glitch but the usual blue log in screen came up with the problem I basically couldn't see what I was doin to try and fix it even with a external hdmi lead to my tv..... so

Looked around again on Google about how to maybe fix this they suggested removing the video card. Me being a novice and not being able to find youtube videos of my specific laptop I tried to get into my laptop alone.... luckily I got stuck after the main screws and what I later found out to be my ram cards and obviously the hard drive. Hence I gave up put it all back together and now the real problem........ my laptop will turn on the hard drive will spin and the keyboard will light up but there's no display with or without hdmi there isn't even the toshiba screen or any opportunity to safe mode it

I should probably explain that if I do get it working I would like to restart the entire laptop n make it like it was brand new again I did try to do this before tryin to take it apart but it said the partition was locked

Sorry for all this I don't usually use these websites but a friend of mine said this was the best option I had

Update (05/23/2016)

Block Image

This is what get via second monitor

Answer this question I have this problem too

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Ok so it cannot find a bootable device. That is your startup screen. Can you access your BIOS before it gets to that? Hold down the F2 key and then power-on the computer. Let us know what you see.


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@scre3807 try to connect an external monitor to see what that shows, let us know. Try to start it in safe mode (let us know what OS you are using) and see what happens. Sounds to me like your file is messing with either the display driver or the hardware itself.

You can also try to reinstall your OS which may need to be done anyway.

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I'm using windows 8.1 and it will not diplay via the hdmi output


Makes sense since it will most likely load all the drivers and the registry. If you can access your BIOS, try to set it to boot from an USB or CD. Download something like a Linux Live CD (I use Puppy Linux) and boot from that. See if that displays all your graphics properly. If so you know that you have corrupted your OS.


Check on here on how to get to safe mode with your OS



Safe mode and boot options can't be reached nothing at all comes up on any displays atm I need the equivalent of return to factory restart keyboard short key from moment laptop turns on or summin I can do to force boot menu


Do you get into your BIOS? Do you see the Toshiba Splash screen? Did you try an external monitor? Not on HDMI but VGA. Sorry but there is no " You have to try the long way


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It sounds like you altered your display drivers. Or you now have a graphics card on the blink. USB's can be expanded by using a USB hub. If you can't get any visuals you could try removing the hard drive and placing it in another compatible computer & then doing a 'system restore'. Many laptops are difficult to work on, and are not worth the effort.

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