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The Asus X401A-BHPDN37 was released in September of 2012. It has a slim 14” high-definition display with a 320GB hard-drive, which offers spacious storage and fast read/write times.

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Upgrade memory from 2gb to 8gb

Is it okay to upgrade my laptop Asus X401A (with Intel Pentium B970 processor) memory from 2gb to 4gb? When upgraded, will it process faster?

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Hi Duke Villarica,

According to the specs, your laptop only supports up to 4GB of DDR3 1600MHz RAM

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The memory upgrade can be done, but Asus has designed it where you need to take the entire laptop apart just to access the memory module. In addition, you can only install one module and there is no soldered RAM to supplement the final amount.

That being said, the guide to remove the memory can be found here.

The other thing that may or may not work with yours is if you wanted to go up to 8GB of RAM from the official limit of 4GB, it may work. According to the Intel ARK page, this processor can take 16GB of RAM. At the time I wrote this answer, the problem is DDR3/L (now all DDR3L) was only available in 4/8GB modules and single 16B sticks did not exist. These modules exist now, but I do not know if they will work. It very well could, but they're not cheap and if it doesn't work you have a ~$169 piece of memory which was opened, cannot be sold as new and you either need to return it if they don't refuse it or sell it at a loss. I don't think it's worth it unless you have a machine which can use it, but it very well may work.

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Hi @nick ,

Just curious how you overcome the BIOS limitation if the manufacturer has set it to 4GB


That has been dead since the mid 2000's. The last systems with RAM limtied BIOSes were Pentium 4 775 era systems. Any manufacturer who STILL practices it on modern equipment is known by name.

That just means Asus validated up to 4GB. There have been cases where it has been tested past the OEM validation and worked on modern equipment.


Hi @nick ,

Thanks for that.

So why would the specs still show limits?



The last time I seen it on modern equipment was the G33M02 Inspiron 530s. You need a custom BIOS to unlock all 8GB on those. The Dell version of the G33M0X is customized, so I have a hunch the reference BIOS will kill the Dell board.

I wouldn't go past the validated capacity professionally (nor recommend it) but anyone doing it themselves (or hobbyists) are more willing to try and see if it is BIOS limited.


I was just going on the specs

Perhaps it is written to deter from upgrading as it might be as you say there may be problems with more RAM installed that they don't want to overcome


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Hi @nick ,

I just upgrated my ASUS laptop (X401A based) with 8 Go of RAM (instead of 4 Go). Its processus does support 8 Go:

But I'm facing the following issue:

The BIOS is detecting the whole RAM capacity:


... But Windows 7 only uses half of it:

RAM: 8,00 Go (3,40 Go usable)

I don't understand why there is such a limitation. Any idea?

UPDATE: I feel so dumb... Windows 7 32bits only support 4Go of RAM. This is such a pain to ugprade, and I'll have to put my old RAM back...

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It wasn't tested at the time and I do not own one, so I wasn't sure and didn't want to say if it would work or not. Good to know.

I tend to favor enterprise surplus over new budget laptops.


In fact, I was even dumber than expected because my proc was a 64bits.

I did a reinstallation with Windows 7 64 bits and the whole 8Go of RAM are now detected & used by Windows.

This old laptop is like new (in fact, faster than new). Thanks for this topic, it was the only one giving my hope in giving a try to the 8Go RAM :-)


@niconebo At least we know it works, but be prepared to go back to the original if it has issues.


So far, so good. I'm keeping an eye on it.

But it's good to know for potential people in the same situation (it was hard to find any info).

Thanks for your answers.


@niconebo "It was hard to find any info". There exactly is why I said tread with caution. I can either find one with the Pentium or i3 board and test it, OR I can stick to my HP/Dell surplus I know is built to last for literally the same price as these budget laptops.

Which option do you think is more efficient for someone who can reload Windows, locate install media and fix old used laptops? Yeah.


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@octoberdearest I got 8 GB RAM in one and on Windows 11 it runs very smoothly.

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