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Keyboard 1 key two letters :(

When I type the following letters into my macbook pro, I get two letters instead of one.

2 comes up with 23

3 comes up with 23

W comes up with EW

E comes up with EW

S comes up with DS

D comes up with DS

X comes up with CX

C comes up with CX

It is only these keys. Can you tell me what I might be able to do in order to get this fixed? or do I have to get a new keyboard installed into the macbook? If I have to do that, its going to be costly and I really don't want to go that route.

Thanks for the help.


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If at all anyone gets this problem. Try opening the laptop, disconnect the keyboard from the motherboard (the connector is always near the battery try), by this I dont mean the whole keyboard, just the connector. Then wipe the connector with a clean piece of cloth then re insert it again and then switch on the laptop. The keys should be working fine. Its the connector that confuses the keys either because there is dirt or loose connection. All the best.


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I did finally get the keyboard fixed. I did not spill anything on the keyboard as an FYI.

I took the laptop to the guiness bar, they did a few things, and reset the wires under the battery. (something I would not try if your not a pro, they have static free equipment they had to use). They charged me nothing as they didn't have to take the laptop and start to pull things apart.

I truely recommend taking the laptop to the guiness bar and seeing if they can help get it fixed for you.

Over all, I thought I was going to have to spend a couple hundred dollars on getting it fixed and buying a new keyboard and I walked out of there not paying a penny.

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Just a possibility but remove the battery and see if the problem persists.

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+ Also try a PRAM reset.


I have taken the battery out, it did not fix the problem. I don't know what a PRAM reset it. Ill start to look it up. but if you have any quick answer for that please let me know.


I figured out the PRAM reset and have done it a number of times. HOwever, it is not working. Any other ideas?


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How did it get this way? Did you spill something on the keyboard?

The keyboard is organized in rows and columns, with a wire for each row and a wire for each column. When you press a key, it connects together the row wire and the column wire under that key.

In your case, there is a short circuit in your keyboard between the 2WSX column and the 3EDC column, so when you press a key in either column, you get the key next to it. The short circuit is probably in the keyboard, and you will probably have to replace it.

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Try turning it off and then when you power it back on immediately press control+option+R+P That worked for me. I spilled a bit of water on my keyboard and then the letters "I" & "O" and "K" & "L" came out in pairs. This fixed it right up.

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