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Magnet in the screen seems weak and mac doesn't sleep anymore.

Hi everyone,

Here is my story. My 2011 macbook pro got the Video issues and after some discussion (before the repairing procedure) I managed to get my motherboard changed.

But when my mac came back, I noticed some problem of battery (drained over night).

I tried to figure it out and found that when I close the lid of my Mac, it doesn't go to sleep.

The software problem seems to be impossible since I totally formatted and reinstall just after the repair.

It seems that the magnet on the screen is not strong enough because when I put a magnet on the screen i still find it at the right place and if a use a small magnet near the keyboard, the Mac goes well to sleep as expected.

Somebody knows what is happening? It is pretty annoying and the only solution i found is to stick a small magnet to the screen but I don't know if it is recommended?

Tks for helping!

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When a MacBook has insomnia when you close the lid and the system does go to sleep when you put it into sleep mode from the menu option without any problems. You'll want to first try resetting the SMC & PRAM. Follow these Apple T/N's:

The hardware cause is either the magnet was not correctly located when the screen was replaced or the Hall sensor is going bad. Rare earth magnets don't loose their magnetism on their own so thats not the problem.

In this case the sensor could be the issue, follow this IFIXIT guide: MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Early 2011 Hard Drive/IR Sensor Cable Replacement. You'll want to get the full cable assembly as the Hall sensor is part of the cable. Here is the part you want: MacBook Pro 15" Unibody (Mid 2012) Hard Drive Cable - Apple P/N 923-0084. This is the newer version of the cable which is what I recommend.

MacBook Pro 15" Unibody (Mid 2012) Hard Drive Cable Image


MacBook Pro 15" Unibody (Mid 2012) Hard Drive Cable


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I'll try to reset (even if I think i've already done it but not sure for the NVRAM)

The weird thing is that with a magnet it works so i firstly thought that the screen magnet was not well located but after that a mad a mark on the two parts and it is perfectly aligned :/


Make sure the system goes to sleep from the menu option with the lid open. If it doesn't stay in sleep mode then you have an app waking the system up which is software related not hardware.


I just made the two reset, still the same.

The mac goes to sleep by using the menu.

It does also when sliding a magnet at the left of the keyboard at the exact place where the screen magnet is (that's why i don't understand what's happening)


The Hall sensor within the system can loose its ability to sense the lid magnet. Yes, a stronger magnet might work as you have shown when you put it over the sensor location. Its still a bad sensor Vs a magnet that has lost its magnetism. Unless you put the system {lid magnet} though a very powerful demagnetizer did you? ;-}

As reference the Hall sensor is the large rectangle seen in this image: Hall sensor and here's more from Wikipedia: Hall Effect


OK, I will try to change the Hall sensor, but thing is, I still don't understand where the Hall sensor is located. Is it on the opposite side. ;) Tks for helping me to understand.


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Hello!! I`m having the same issue you had - did you managed to fix it? Thank you!

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Lucas - How about creating your own question as this one is quite old and i'm sure Pierre is not likely to respond.

The more details of your system and history the better!


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