Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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Anyone have experience with parts from

Hi Guys.

I was wondering if anyone have bought their LCD or other spareparts from one of the suppliers with

I figure these are the direct suppliers, and the prices are low. Iphone 6 LCD down to like 40-50 $.

Any does and donts. I'm listening :)

I have begun requesting some samples from a few of them, as a start.


Anders Laursen

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Sounds like refurbished iPhone 6 screens to me. Where they buy cracked screens with the LCD and touch screen still working where they replace the cracked glass with a new one.

Not sure about the quality though. Sounds too cheap where some may come working and some won't or some may go bad over like a few days to a week.

If suppliers ask for bank transfer (or Western Union). Do not do this as it's particular risky and better off doing paying screens via paypal.


Thanks for your reply Ben.

I am conserned about these really low prices. But a lot of the screen you buy are refurbished, but the quality will vary.

I'll guess ill get some samples and test them out for some weeks.


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I've dealt with several suppliers from alibaba. You have varying quality, but they are cheaper usually because you are buying direct, in bulk or they are using cheaper parts. I've used parts from HCQS and Timeway. Both use real high quality screens with a proper warranty. It's very hard to find 100% original parts. As long as the frames are cold pressed (not HMG) and have a good warranty, youll be fine. I've been repairing screens for 4 years now and I've seen all kinds of screens with varying quality. The top 5 suppliers in my opinion are.






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Thanks a lot! Very helpfull :)

They have SO many suppliers on alibaba, dont know where to start. Now i know.

Well 100 % original is not possible, since apple dont sell their spareparts to others. Maybe once in a while they leak out the back door.... i donno.

I'm checking out HCQS on alibaba. looks good.

How does the order/payment/delivery work?

Their writing in english also seems better than anyone else! Some pretty funny translations some have :)


I usually pay through paypal. They do add on a little extra sometimes because PayPal takes a cut. Henry Fu at Timeway is great as well. I've ordered from both of these places when I needed to fix a large amount of iPads and iPhones for a middle school. They arrived in 5 days from China. They were packed well and I didnt have any issues with them. Most of these companies communicate through Skype, which is easier for me. The others I listed are in the states. However, Etrade Supply does have a warehouse in China. I've had very few issues with those 5.


Im not gonna do big orders. more like 5-6 LCDs at a time.

And then with tax and stuff when they arrive in Denmark, donno if i save that much.

They can offer me iphone 6 LCD with retina LCD for 70$.

any experience with

original vs third party.

Again thanks for your replys!


$70 is a good price. Is this with tax and shipping? In the states, 1 step down from original quality screens run around 95 to 100. I use a variety of high quality and original depending on what the customer wants to pay for. I am up front. I let them know the differences including price. I use more high copy than original. I've had no issues with iPhone 6 screens in the past year and a half. The great thing about the high quality and original quality screens I use is that they carry the same warranty. I cant tell a difference in look and feel between an original screen and a high quality copy other than the apple logo. You just have to find a great company that sells high quality copies. Its like with car parts. You have hundreds of parts with varying quality. The buzz words of A++ or high copy get hard to wade through. I do know HCQS has some of the best screens I've ever used. Id put etradesupply up there as well. I hope this helps and youre very welcome.


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