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60" Flat screen picture turns into a snow screen

Samsung TV Model UN6007000 (Smart TV) works fine when turned on. After continuous viewing/use of about 15 minutes or so, the picture disappears and the screen turns snowy (white background with dots covering the entire screen). This has happened several times. When we turn off the TV and turn it back on after 30 minutes, it may work for a short while. I have done a picture test and it came back as picture is working fine. I have tried to update the software and it came back as " software is current". Any suggestions?

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Just curious. Does it happen when you are watching video from any input source, i.e. HDMI, Antenna, AVI etc, or only one?


I am having the same issue with a Sony. After a few minutes the picture turns to snow. This happens for the Dish signal and the antenna signal. It does not happen for the dvd signal or any other HDMI connection. I switched the Dish HDMI cable with the dvd HDMI cable and the same thing happened to the Dish signal. It is likely not the Dish signal, because the antenna that is hooked directly to the TV does the same thing and turns to snow


The TV is connected via HDMI through a Verizon FIOS cable box, Marantz amp and a set of Definitive speakers. The sound comes through perfectly. It's the video that is messing up after a while of watching. We are not using an antenna or AVI. I'm a novice in these and hope it helps. It was setup by Best Buy techs.


Is the HDMI connection from the FIOS going thru the Marantz to the TV i.e. no direct connection between the FIOS and the TV?

If so can you bypass the Marantz (temporarily) by going straight from the FIOS to the TV using HDMI to prove if the problem is with the Marantz or not.

If you bypass the Marantz and the problem doesn't re occur, then the problem is with the Marantz.

If you bypass the Marantz and the problem still occurs then the problem is either with the FIOS or the TV.

If possible, have you got another TV that you can connect to the FIOS using HDMI to prove whether the problem is with the TV or the FIOS?

If you connect another TV to the FIOS and the problem doesn't re occur then the problem is with the first TV

If you connect another TV to the FIOS and the problem still occurs then the problem is with the FIOS.

Always ensure that when you connect and disconnect HDMI cables that the devices that you are connecting /disconnecting are switched OFF, before you remove/insert the cables.


Thanks for the suggestion. It gives me something to work through process of elimination.


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Can you check the signal strength / quality % level of your antenna signals?

There is usually an indicator showing somewhere in the TV menus regarding TV channel (antenna) signal levels. It may be that either one or the other is on the margin of acceptable reception.

If the signal indicator shows 'weak' signals:

How many 'splits' or different outlets do you have on your TV antenna lead? Unless you have a masthead amplifier to boost the initial signal received, each extra TV point drops the signal level available to the TV, e.g 2 outlets only 1/2 strength goes to each TV, 3 outlets only 1/3 etc.

Has anything changed in your surrounding area between your antenna and the TV transmitting towers -maybe a new tall building in the direct line of sight?

Is your antenna still facing the correct direction and at least looks OK - dipoles not hanging or broken?

Is the antenna Co-ax cable lead still in good condition?

Also some TVs give the option (haven't checked either of yours) that in the event of signal loss that the screen turns to "Blue" rather than showing a snowy picture, so as to be less annoying.

For @geosolu,

As well as the above, is there also a level check in the menus of your Dish 'box' that you can access to see what the level is?

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